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This mod will allow you to play as any NPC while keeping the ability to swap V with AMM

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How To Use
Download “V_PlayerReplacer” and place it in your MOD folder 
Download any NPC_to_PlayerReplacer to be able to play as them

Once in game, go into your inventory and make your V naked, otherwise the clothes will clip through the NPC’s model you’re playing as

Be warned that you will see some eyes and teeth floating on your screen ; Thats normal, NPC model have their heads on, no need to activate V’s head to take screenshots!
The NPC models does not show up in PhotoMode, so I recommend using the Injectable Camera Tools to take screenshots

If you’re playing as a Female V, swapping a Male NPC will result in some funky stuff going on (like B**bs clipping out the chest)

If you’re planning on doing NPC/NPC swaps, also download the “INVISIBLE_StrongArms”  if you’re playing as a V with Gorilla Arms that will remove the clipping arms on the played NPC

How to play as any NPC you want

I decided to make a quick tutorial on how to model swap yourself and play as any NPC you want!
I won't be taking swap request, as I mod mostly for myself and for my friends :) This is taking lots of my time, Hope you understand