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Hide with specific hotkey any armor / cloth part while keeping these sweet stats.

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Welcome to True Hidden Everything!

The mod is nothing more as an updated and improved Hide Armor mod by hawkidoki.
The mod lets you bind hotkeys in CET with which you will be able to show / hide specific armor piece and keep their sweet stats.
Just that, nothing more.
I've prepared some info for you on differences, good-to-knows and know issues, and there they are.

  • Toggle Head
  • Toggle Face
  • Toggle Outer Torso
  • Toggle Inner Torso
  • Toggle Pants
  • Toggle Boot
  • Toggle Outfit
  • Remove Helmet Restriction

The differences are:
  • Fixed it to work with patch 1.2, 1.21
  • Added hair in mirrors
  • Fixed a lot of bugs

Good to know:
  • What's hidden and what's not is saved universal for all saves
  • Toggling hotkeys do not work while in vehicle or mirror and photomode
  • You can't hide item V isn't wearing
  • Sometimes the process of hiding can take up to a few seconds (mostly when changing clothes), so be patient and don't smash toggle hotkey
  • On occasions you can see, while entering inventory, the process of hiding - it is normal
  • 99.9% of bugs should be fixable with save and reload or save, quite game and load if toggle off and on doesn't work
  • If after exiting a car / mirror you can't unequip your head gear use hotkey "Remove Helmet Restriction"
  • Due to the way the mod works it's prone to be incompatible with other mods. Myself I'm using it with Auto Scaling Weapons and Armor and everything's fine.
  • The third person mods / hacks are not supported

Known issues:
  • Fast change of clothes can break cloth and hair appearance
  • Hiding pants remove genitalia
  • After adding a mod to a hidden cloth it can become visible, toggling this part visibility off and on should fix it
  • Opening inventory too fast after exiting vehicle (V is not done with exiting) and unequipping and equipping back the same hidden item can make this item visible (turning it off and on with hotkey should fix it)

Install instruction:
  • CET is obviously required
  • It's advised to manually install the mod
  • Just copy paste bin folder from my mod to root folder of Cyberpunk
  • On first launch open CET menu, set hotkeys and click SAVE! It's important to save
  • Vortex should work, too (with proper settings set), but I haven't tested it

Feel free to comment. share, report bugs (but I'm not promising anything, lua and these tools are new to me)!
And check out my other mods C:

  • Obviously hawkidoki for org mod
  • psiberx for his GameUI and Cron
  • CD Projekt RED for a buggy, but quite a good game