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For game 1.6 there is no inventory GUI.
Hide any armor / cloth part while keeping these sweet stats.
Now with a neat UI and working nudity.

Permissions and credits
The mod lets you easily hide specific armor piece and keep their sweet stats.
Just that, nothing more.
I've prepared some info for you on differences, good-to-knows and know issues, and there they are.

How to use:
  • For Native UI users there's mod menu (that supports few localizations, more below) that lets you toggle visibility on and off. But Native UI is not a hard requirement.
  • In CET you can bind hotkeys for each cloth slot to toggle visibility on and off anytime.

Good to know:
  • Right now mod is updated for game 1.6 to eliminate bugs, but missing functionality is not planned to be added.
  • What's hidden and what's not is saved universally for all saves.
  • On occasions you can see, while entering inventory, the process of hiding - it is normal.
  • 99.9% of bugs should be fixable with toggle on and off or save, quit, load.
  • Due to the way the mod works it's prone to be incompatible with other mods.
  • The third person mods / hacks are not supported.
  • If the mod "just doesn't work" and you've used previous versions of it try to remove "{GameFolder}\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\Hide Armor\db.sqlite3"
Known issues:
  • Some people have problems with mod not working due to some difficulties with Native UI - since version 1.16.8 if you have problems like these you can open init.lua file and replace "local enableNativeUI = true" to "local enableNativeUI = false" (ofc without apostrophes). It will disable Native UI but you still should have in game toggles and CET hotkeys.
  • If you've used "EnableTransmog" command before installing this mod, since 1.19.9 if after loading save you still have an issue, you can try to use new hotkey. But only then.
  • Due to limitations in ArchiveXL / TweakXL mods they are not supported. Check sticky post for more details.

  • Right now mod supports English, Polish, Russian (courtesy of svarm0d) , French (courtesy of senteurmoisie), Brazilian Portuguese (courtesy of Roukin), Traditional Chinses (courtesy of o5239602) , Simplified Chinese (courtesy of Alk4idin) and German (courtesy of Neko14789).
  • Mods setting page will follow interface language if proper translation is available, otherwise will display in English.
  • If your language is codable in UTF-8 and you have some minimal skills and would like to see the mod menu in your native words feel free to take a look in the Localization.lua file and send mi via pm your translation!

Install instruction:
  • CET is obviously required.
  • Native UI is recommended, but not required.
  • It's advised to manually install the mod, but reports says Vortex works.
  • Just copy paste bin folder from my mod to root folder of Cyberpunk.
  • Vortex should work, too (with proper settings set), but I haven't tested it.

  • If the mod just doesn't work and you know you have latest CET that's working uninstall the mod, delete any leftovers (especially "db.sqlite3" file that Vortex will LEFT), and install it again.

Reporting bugs:
  • I'm playing the newest (patch 1.52) game version with the newest mod version and it's working for me, so please don't report bugs with just "It's not working" and nothing more.
  • You definitely should include what mod version are you using and mind that only alpha is supported and 1.15 soon should be replaced with it.
  • You can include the list of your other installed mods, your game version, language used in game.
  • Also welcome are informations on what's working (for example settings menu) and what's not WITH logs.
  • Logs can be found in the "{GameFolder}\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\Hide Armor\Hide Armor.log" file.

Feel free to comment, share, upload images (not NSFW) and report bugs (but I'm not promising anything, lua and these tools are new to me)!
And check out my other mods C:

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