Cyberpunk 2077

About this mod

Love the E3 2018 colors but hate how washed out the game looks? Look no further! Better Shadows, Better Lighting, Better Colors, see the difference for yourself!

Permissions and credits
For the E3 LUT, you could of course use E3 2018 Lighting Mod, however I recommend Geoengineering. For whichever of ZAJ's weather presets you choose, just make sure to add the optional file "optional_cp2077_gen_lut_2018.archive" to apply the E3 LUT. There are a ton of choices for different weathers and optional intensities (including randomized cycling weather presets & 100% working rain), which completely change the game (NO MORE ONLY SUNNY WEATHER). I highly recommend the Blade Runner preset paired with "optional_rain_intensity_0.3.archive" (or .65) It really brings the world to life, with rain+fog in Night City and the iconic Blade Runner 2049 orange haze in the badlands.

As far as the performance impact, with a RTX 3090 and i9 9900k playing in 4K, it's around 4-6 fps loss with v4.4, but still very worth it to me. I also uploaded a 'lite' version (2-3 fps drop) without the Blooming HDR or AmbientLight shaders, that still does a decent job of eliminating the haze the E3 LUT introduces, just without the lighting and shadow improvement. Lastly I strongly recommend using NVIDIA Control Panel Sharpening vs any other sharpening method due to the high quality and low performance impact.

- Extract and drag all 4 files from the download to "Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64"
- Launch the game, "Home" key to get into ReShade menu, and "End" key to toggle effects
- If not automatically selected, choose "e3_visual_overhaul.ini" from the drop-down menu within ReShade

Optional Disable Bloom file; This preset uses shaders that do a much better job than the vanilla bloom in my opinion, and having both on at the same time can look overwhelming. Download and extract the .ini file, then drag it to Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\platform\pc

I've also added my personal .ini file intended for 3090 users optimized for the 24gb of VRAM, but tweakable for any graphics card to improve visuals. Download and extract then move .ini file to Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\platform\pc

Please share your ideas on how to further improve this, it has already helped a lot in shaping what it is now.