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My third vehicle pack, featuring a trio of cars that exemplify my idea of a FIFTH aesthetic style in the Cyberpunk universe: Counter-NeoKitsch.

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Introducing ...
The "Counter-NeoKitsch" Collection

In August 2077, the world found itself momentarily frozen in place, enraptured by the news of an all-out attack that had been carried out against Night City's infamous Arasaka Tower. The monolithic megastructure had stood for a generation as the symbol beyond all symbols of the Corporations' totalitarian grip on the Neo-American economy, and that of the rest of the world. 

And yet, in a single day, it all came crashing down.

A rag-tag team of nomads in the Aldecaldo Nation stormed the tower's underground levels, securing the Mikoshi Access Point, and ultimately toppling an empire.

But, as the news was still breaking, and the attack still ongoing, no one -- not the Aldecaldos, not the corpos -- could have imagined what a massive fire had just been lit. 

Cities across the world erupted. Revolution spread like a pandemic through the airwaves and across the Net, as the disgruntled and disavowed were finally given their chance for revenge.

The following months became a time of extraordinary unrest, but one that right away began to make actual progress. Citizens of Night City and countless other metropolises had been shouting such things as "Eat the Rich" for years, but as the NCPD became overwhelmed and the riots grew mightier, the city's wealthiest elites had their homes invaded, and their lives taken. 

By February 2078, every surviving member of the Arasaka Family had been murdered. Countless other elite families in Night City were dead, their apartments ransaked. Massive coordinated Netrunner strikes emptied more than 1.5 Billion eurodollars from the pockets of the city's richest, which was subsequently diverted into various dedicated funds that fed back into the working public. Before long, desperately-needed funds had finally reached places like Heywood, Pacifica, and Kabuki, where renovations and public restorations immediately went underway. Millions of Night Citizens were lifted from the most crushing poverty, and a sense of true democracy
returned to the city's government

And in the wake of all of this, a new movement arose.

The "Neo-Kitsch" aesthetic had once come from the "Kitsch" style of the middle class and poor being appropriated and manipulated by the richest elites, taking the lower-classes' flair and style and making it their own, self-enclosed world of hyper-exclusivity and unparalleled luxury. But as all the objects of the NeoKitsch movement were taken back by the working and middle class, so too was the very aesthetic. 

"Counter-NeoKitsch" represents exactly what its name implies -- a "counter"-movement to the NeoKitsch aesthetic. It depicts the poor and exploited taking back that which the rich had stolen from them, and giving them an overwhelming taste of their own bitter medicine.

And That is what these three magnificent machines represent. More than anything else, they signify a shift in the culture of the world -- that the exploited are tired, fed up, and no longer willing to tolerate the treatment the corps and elites have long handed them. It's time to take back what was taken from us, and these vehicles will show the way.


The Vehicles ...

————————— —————————

#1: The Herrera "Vagabond Outlaw" GTS 

Built over the course of a year and a half by the two members of a popular car-reviewing HoloTube channel, the Vagabond Outlaw represents their attempt to turn an exclusive supersports sedan into a more obtainable, everyman's off-roader. Not that this proved to be an easy task, however, as the Vagabond Outlaw proved to be quite the troublesome little bastard during its inception. Now, however, with all the kinks ironed out, this magnificent beast is ready to tackle the worst the badlands has to throw at it.

"Herrera Outlaw ... sponsored by: telling your wife you're ''just flying to New Barcelona for a convention'' when in fact you're flying to Switzerland just so you can see a doctor who might be able to help with your C H R O N I C  J A U N D I C E ."

*Real fart*

"Herrera Outlaw ... For the man who calls MaxTac on his neighbor's kids just because they were playing a little too close to his mailbox."

————————— II —————————

#2: The Rayfield Caliburn "Marauder"  - aka "Caliburn's War"

“Own the Night.
-The only words written on a note, left on the passenger seat of this car.

Little is known about the origins of this night-black beast. It was discovered in an old service tunnel, hidden away and abandoned by its creator, whose true identity remains unknown. What is known is that the same person who created this also created the Aerondight "Starchaser", and is widely accredited with defining how the CounterNeoKitsch movement's aesthetic would present itself. However, unlike other CNK designs which lay it on thick with the rugged utility and jagged edges, this car retains its sleek, almost ghost-like silhouette. The way the moonlight gently swoops across this cars body tells its driver right away that it was designed for the night, and to be its undisputed ruler. Tread carefully, mercenary. This car will not take kindly to hubris.

————————— III —————————

#3: The Rayfield Aerondight "Starchaser" 

“Subversion over Subservience.”

If the Rayfield Aerondight represents the greatest “fuck you” ever to be uttered against the working class and poor, then this, the Aerondight "Starchaser" is a towering middle finger, sent from the heavens and born of the pure, working-class fury that fuels revolutions, shining its magnificent offensiveness upon the tower blocks and concrete jungles of the corporate world. This monstrosity represents the true peak of the Counter-NeoKitsch movement, by taking the utmost pillar of excessive opulence and turning it into a roaring, dust-slinging off-road monster. This car cracks monocles, and shatters crystal martini glasses with its very presence. Chandeliers collapse in its wake. Red carpet gala dresses dissolve into tatters as it passes by. The highest class looks upon this creation with the foul taste of their own medicine poisoning their tongues, like when rich CEOs and billionaires realize they’ve just lost billions of Eurodollars in stock trades to a bunch of well-coordinated internet trolls. This machine exists almost purely to spit in the face of the corporations and everything they keep perpetually outside the reach of society’s most victimized and vulnerable. This incredible machine will, beyond any semblance or shadow of doubt, brand its driver as the sort of person who’d waltz into Arasaka tower by themselves and set it all ablaze without so much as a second thought, and laugh gleefully as the building collapses around them. Johnny Silverhand would be so very, very proud.

————————— END —————————

Thanks again to all of you for your support! And REMEMBER to submit your screenshots!! 

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