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Blade runner 2077 Complete Ultimate mod v4.7. A massive overhaul of game textures creating a Blade Runner universe at every turn. Patch 1.21 hotfix compatible.

Permissions and credits
Blade runner 2077 Complete texture mod V4.7.  A massive overhaul of game textures creating a Blade Runner universe at every turn.  All of my mods so far in one archive file. Fully compatible and improved by patch 1.2 and new hotfix  Mods included:

Blade Runner 2077 Complete texture mod v1.0
Blade Runner 2077 Finer Rain
Blade runner 2077 World ads 2.2 with working animations.
Blade Runner Steyr Mannlicher.222 Model SL rifle
Blade Runner 2077 Taco Bell Tortillas
Blade runner Bullet Hole Decals
Blade Runner Murals, and much more!. 
New ads
New vector board, posters.
Added new Sample videos

All previous latest version mods are included in this file. Please remove all other previous BR mods from your mod folder.

To install extract and place the single archive file in your mod folder.  Be sure to remove any previous versions of my mods as this file includes the best of everything so far.  By finalizing this mod and packing everything into a single archive file it just seems to work better than ever and I am truly happy with the Blade runner visual feel this mod creates.  I hope you enjoy this Cyberpunk Blade runner 2077 Experience.  Thanks for your help and support making this huge mod.  I will continue to support this mod if future patches break anything or any bugs come to light. 

Update v2.1 Final :  New Esper Voight Kampff ad. Very detailed and polished, working animation.  Changed and fixed Coca cola ad.  Added 2nd Coca cola add to replace 2nd cirrus ad.  Polished MetroKab much sharper now.  Removed LAPD logo from spinner ad and placed Caution decal instead.  Improved resolution of spinner add pole dancer.  Added Vending machine food ad.  Added new vending machine Fresh Air.  General polish to all ads. 15 new Blade Runner themed ads in total.  Screen shots updated.  Screen shots do not show everything on offer just a taste.
The mod is getting so big my desktop is a sprawling mess of folders and I'm out of Blade Runner lore for now. 

Update v2.2 Final .  Fixed regression on spinner logo.  Sharp again now.   Added 2 new Off world themed ads.  One replaces the Coca cola ad 2.  Fixed Tortillas.  They are now working in the main archive file again :D.  New Fresh Air machine is now included sorry it was missing in v2.1. Improved Esper Voight Kampff ad.  Reverted bottoms up text to white to fix anomalies.  Sharp again now.  Final polish.  Screenshots updated.  Finally done?.  I think so now, need to play the game and try other peoples complimentary mods now I am happy with this.  I have really enjoyed this journey.  Last word I recommend playing this mod with Textures set to high (ultra available on some cards?).  All screenshots taken on a GTX 1660 and a core i5.  No ray tracing enabled.  

Update v2.5 Final ! :  Well I have a few ideas left and I am glad I made this update because it is complete now.  Improved 2nd Off world add fits properly now.  Improved Vending machine add.  Added 3 new world signs.  First sign is that annoying flickering sign the devs still have not fixed in V's apartment block.  Changed to Zapper Morton Protein Farm,  and fixed flicker by condensing texture to left of the screen.  Second world screen added is mobius apartments and appears around the game world and under v's apartment, making it feel like Deckard is a neighbour.  Third world sign Is Cuisine Art which features in the first film.  All the trademarks in the mod appear in the Blade runner universe apart from durex :D. Hope you enjoy this definitive version.   Screenshots updated. Last screen shot is with full Ray tracing enabled and show 8 of my ads in one shot, rig was at its knees :D.

Update v2.6 Final :  One last present for you.  Well two because the Flag bug is fixed.  I have used my version 1.0 version texture and all is well.  Added new sign for Tom's dinner.  Nikosey, Interlinked And Taco Bell Neon sign.  Thanks for your feedback and support.

Update Ultimate edition v3.0 Final :  Added new Banners, Syd Mead, Blade runner 2049 and custom designs.  Added new Vector board,  Dr. Badger. 
 Oh and I nearly forgot, added new Blade Runner themed quest posters to v's apartment.  Make sure to pick them up after Jackie's funeral to get them. Thanks to LoudMP3 for the file location.  Screenshots updated.

Update Ultimate edition V3.1 Final : Added last 3 Beautiful signs.  Apple computer inc (Yes was advertised on the Blade Runner blimp :D),  Pioneer professional audio and Yukon added detailing to the Hotel signs dotted around night city er I mean L.A.  Last update, thank you to all my supporters.  When new ad on packs come I will be back. 

Update Ultimate edition V3.2 Final : Could not resist polishing some more :D.  Added new Vector board Skin Job.  Tweaked 2nd Tyrell ad a little.
More fixes to come!.

Update Ultimate edition V3.4 Final : Added new ad Origami replicant.  Added 2 new Vector Boards,   Tannhäuser Gate
 and Blade runner 2049 rare art.  Other small fixes.  Working better than ever with patch 1.21 hotfix.  Thank you CD Projekt for your work fixing the game so far.  

Update Ultimate edition V3.5 Final : Replaced Joi Vector board that was blurry with much better effort!.  Replaced TWA Vector board with better TWA logo much cleaner.  Added Shakey's logo to Buck A Slice sign. Screenshots updated.   

Update Ultimate edition V3.6 Final : Removed VK ad with bad template and replaced with new improved VK ad.  Added new Vector board Citizen and L.A Eye works.  Screenshots updated.  Citizen appears in the first Blade runner film when Roy asks Leon if he got his precious photos.  Thanks for your support and feedback everyone.

Update Ultimate edition V4.0 : Here it is people,  Morro Rock radio station has been replaced with the Blade Runner 2049 OST xD.  

Update Ultimate edition V4.1 : Resorted Morrow Rock station.  Moved 2049 ost to  Principales station.  Added 5 Original Blade Runner tracks to replace Samizdat Radio.  ADDED Original Blade Runner 1982 Trailer to news 54 channel ( No sound yet).  Move videos to come ^^.  Screenshots updated.

Updated Ultimate edition V4.2 : Added Blade Runner Black out sample on wns news channel (OMG).  Credits to Wolvenkit.  These videos can be watched around the city or on V's TV.

Updated Ultimate edition V4.3  : Added Blade Runner fan made Film trailer Slice of Life to news 54 channel.  

Updated Ultimate edition V4.4 :  Added Blade Runner 2049 Joi scene to news 54 channel.

Updated Ultimate edition V4.5 : Added new world Ad Bulova designed to be noticed, replaces Broseph.  (Still needs work)

Updated Ultimate edition V4.6 : Added new Atari Vector board.  Added Marlboro detailing to Mac N Cheezus sign.  Fixed Market place flag by changing to dx10 compression.  

Updated Ultimate edition V4.7 : Added new Jovan Vector Board.  Added 2nd Market place flag Texaco (yes was on blimp too.)
Screenshots updated. Your feedback and support is appreciated as usual.

I hope you enjoy the Ultimate Blade Runner experience.  

"You really can't say enough about Blade Runner. For that movie to have such a long life - you can't describe what a beautiful feeling that is. Initially, the movie was out of theatres' in something like two weeks. But the people that wanted it back - the fans - they really saved it"
-Rutger Hauer-