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regenerator iron maiden from Re 4

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Description: 1. Paste this mod archive in pc Mod cyberpunk 2077 load you with Cat Save editor .preset and save after this go in Game and give console Game.ClearEquipment() don't worry you don't lose anything, it makes everything fresh so that the gorilla poor and so disappear, you can always buy them is no problem you still have the things in the inventory, then go to the ripper doc and then you can upgrade yourself but make sure that you don't have any using arms.
Read me: Today I Create Regenerator Player Model this was very hard i hope you like it, It cost me a mega lot of effort, there are a few minor rig bugs? but the Hands is Correct is Normal Regenerator Have big big Hands Boneess Edited hehehe weapon hands why this not normal hand is Regenarator Big Hand but on that I hope you like it other mods from other games in youtube search Tanerseto  Love Greetings yours Tanerseto.
Story: yes this is Right Story Iron MAIDEN In 1746 this story came true. Several torture and ritualism were carried out in a Spanish island. The Regenerator so to speak existed in real life. I got the Regenerator from Randonautica Idea, which occurred to me and visited strange places, quite strange. 


it is best to play with a trainer because it is actually a naked model so that he is not knocked out immediately :|

Tip 2:

Remove all Clothes mods or anythings Mods what ever Clothes etc is a big mod the Regenerator
Big Thanks goes Alphazomega and other creators Mods Loomy Crazy Patato Hitmen Himself Turk Etc, Alphazomega my best Bro thanks for Tutorial and for mega efforts :|

3ds max
010 hex
Scripts Scripts Scripts.

mmmmmmmmmmm :| who iam mmmmmm iam Regenarator LoL :D

Again Read me very important
1. Paste archive in Folder Mod 
2. Load you Preset with Cat Save Editor and Save you Save data
3. Go in Game and open Console give this Code for Remove Gorilla mantis whip what ever arms this Code Game.ClearEquipment()
4. Go in Ripper Doc and Pimp your Player but don't choose Arms 
5. and Play with Regenerator :|
All hates or trolling threads or insults are express comments etc will be deleted tough!.mhm...

Who likes horror skins will love this skin <3

This skin please only for adults...

In Latein:

Description: 1. Archivum mod Crustulum in hoc te fasce PC mod Cyberpunk MMLXXVII Cat nisi post emendator .preset salvum atque venatus consolatorium Game.ClearEquipment introire () nolite vosmet ipsos ne perdatis quod facit omne ut recens pauper et orci evanescet, vos potest buy eorum semper est non problema adhuc est in rerum numerus eorum: tunc et vos can upgrade doc ripper ad te fac ne et tu non habes usura armis.
Read mihi: Hodie crea regenerator intende Model hoc valde difficile Spero tibi placet, non multa cost Mega mihi conatus, illic es pauci minor rig bugs? sed manus manus Boneess Explicit hehehe rectam Normalis Regeneratoris magnos arma manu magna id magna manu Regenarator Nonne manus mea super vos speratis turpis ludos aliam aliarum mods Tanerseto Tanerseto amant salutationes tuas.
Narratio, sic: hoc enim justum est verum fabula fabula Iron Maiden in hac MDCCXLVI. Hispani in insulam delati ritualismus pluribus tormentis. Regeneratorem et quodammodo sit in vita reali. EGO got a Regenerator Randonautica ideam, quod occurrit mihi, et novis visited loca, novis satis.
est optimum ludere cum magistro se exercentem quod est actu, ut nudum exemplar et non e statim Pulsante: |
II consilium,
Remove Vestimenta omnia aut anythings Mods mods quod semper est magni mod Vestimenta etc Regenerator
Sunt et alia creatores Mods Loomy gratias magnas it Alphazomega Patato Hitmen Turcam ipsum c: Amen Alphazomega meo gratias ago pro Roma et Mega nisus: |
max 3ds
X omnis hexagonis traversa
Script script script.
mmmmmmmmmmm: | qui iam iam mmmmmm regeneret Sed placerat scelerisque :D
Iterum Read mihi magna nimis:
Crustulum archive

1. In Folder Mon.
2. fermentum apud Lond Cattus te salvum te salvum data Editor et Savi
3. Ite in Console Venatus et dare huic code in aperto cursus Felis mantis saeva quod arma semper Game.ClearEquipment code quod ()
4. Ite in Ripper, et Doc Bellum vestra arma eligere, non autem Ludio ludius
5 et ludere regenerator intende: |
Omnes iniurias aut odit aut trolling relatorum express comment est deletum lenta etc voluntas tua! .Mhm ... 

Qui amat hoc vult horror utres cutis <III

Et hoc modo cutem placere adultis ...