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My second vehicle pack, featuring two brand new, never-before-seen mods!!

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As of right now, these vehicles are REPLACERS. Until such that we modders have sufficient capabilities within the game engine that we’re able to add new cars, they will remain as such. HOWEVER, once I am able to, I will re-release these vehicles as standalone entities. 

Introducing ...
The "SuperSlows Series" Vehicle Pack

This is, to put it mildly, a rather eclectic pack.

The vehicles featured in this collection don’t really fall into any particular ‘theme’  or category the way my other two vehicle packs do. The Sports Legends Series exists as a way for me to test my misc. lore-writing chops; creating intricate backstories behind each of the cars that don’t necessarily connect with one another, but ultimately seek to weave my own narrative into the world of Cyberpunk. The Counter-NeoKitsch Collection is my attempt at making a single huge block of lore-friendly storytelling, imagining a whole new aesthetic sense into the game based on the ideas made by the original game developers. 

This pack is not either of those things. The nomad-converted cars in this pack are more individually diverse than either of the other two packs. Some are imposing, some are comical. Some are spiteful, some are sentimental. But, at the end of the day, they all have one thing in common:

They’re all slow as shit.

#1: The Chevalier Thrax - “Mojave”

“Truth is, V ... the game was rigged from the start.”

How do you tell the ghost of the douchebag who flatlined you in no uncertain terms where he can stick his ectoplasmic cigar? Well, a good start would be to klep his ride, mutilate it with a host of off-road modifications, and fill it with TRASH. Then, you take that fat bastard’s smooth, classy limousine, drive it all the way out to the landfill, and use its Kevlar-laced tires to turn his rotting, bloated corpse into chunks of floor pizza splattered across the tinted side windows. Bonus points if you can get his head to land on the roof.

Eat shit, BennyRick Ross Dex.

NOTE: Please see the Readme file for how to add the Thrax to your garage!

#2: The Makigai MaiMai - “Rolling Chunder” GT - Special Edition

“What is this, an off-roader for ants?”

Gonna be honest here: this one is a real head-scratcher. This bizarre, wannabe offroader was found abandoned in a shed out past route 101 near the edge of the badlands. No idea who built it, all we know was that the keys were inside, along with a note that simply read,

"Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

There really isn't much too this one. It's just ... it's so much more fun to drive than it has any right to be.

#3: The Villefort Alvarado - “Chieftain” 

“Pure, unadulterated presence.

Now THIS is imposing. 

Built by a particularly classy nomad, the Alvarado "Chieftain" is the ULTIMATE in classy, comfortable cruising. Whereas the Thrax Mojave was once a classy limousine made into a trashy offroader, the Chieftain is a trash-class cruiser turned into an elite cross-country machine. 

#4: The Archer Hella EX-4 - “Wanderlust” 

"Wander far away, my child
Walk this world anew,
You'll never be without my love
For it will wander with you."

- A line from the old nomad poem "The Navowae"

V had heard all sorts of stories and tales as she was growing up with the Bakkers. "
The Navowae", a poem about a group of space travelers lost on a faraway planet, had always been her favorite. 

The story went, a group of scientists and explorers were on their way back to their home aboard a great mothership
 called the "Stormbreaker", when their shuttle was blasted out of orbit by a sabotage that occurred on the mothership itself. Four small shuttles which were on their way back were knocked out on orbit and down to the planet below, where they found themselves marooned. As they struggled to reach out to their friends, or their family, or anyone, they eventually learned that all the other occupants of their mothership were dead. The three-dozen-or-so survivors were the only ones left. Their families were gone. Their other friends were gone. 

But they still had each other.

And so the scientists and engineers picked up the pieces of their crashed spaceships and turned them into four massive, sand-dune-conquering offroad behemoths, and set off into the rolling deserts of their new planet. They found, through growing to trust and depend upon one another, that they had eventually become their own, new family. They called themselves the Navowae, after a word that roughly translated to "wanderers, lost but renewed", and set off into the sunset. And that's it. The story ended without saying how they ended up. It never said if they were ever found by their old friends from their home planet, or if they managed to survive on the strange new world.

And so, while it had always been her favorite, V had always felt like she never quite understood its ending.

That is ... until she left Night City with the Aldecaldos.

She found out that leaving those sorts of thing unsaid, never quite closing the book on a story like that, was in and of itself more satisfying than any end she or anyone else could make. It left open possibility. Possibilities and endings that have yet to be discovered.

And that is what this car represents. It's an open ending. A question mark fearlessly drawn above the period in the sentence of one's life. It's an invitation, to seek out and roam, discover new things and live a truly fulfilling life, without living within the confines of a definitive "ending". 

After all, if everyone has an ending ... Why not write your own?