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Gives Johnny the rockerboy piercings he felt like he was always missing! New styles!

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Update: if you find this mod does not work with patch 1.3, please download the update file (listed under main files). CDPR changed Johnny's appearance files in patch 1.3, so these edited versions allow mods to be loaded. Theoretically this should ensure any pre-1.3 Johnny mod works with 1.3.


The black version will likely still work fine with Johnny's original appearance. There will be problems with his alt appearance, especially regarding the silver versions - Johnny's alt appearance has edited the head mesh to look for a new head texture (for use with his exposed scalp), so it might have issues. Fixes incoming soon. 
Update: The alt appearance works fine with the silver versions, his scalp simply looks a little darker. I don't know how many people use the silver version so I don't know how pressing it is to fix. 

Known issue: Johnny's face is invisible inside cyberspace. It looks pretty freaky and is obviously not lore-friendly so if it bothers you, remove the mod for cyberspace sections. Will update when I figure out how to solve it. 

I teased this mod on my tumblr yesterday, but here it is for y'all to go wild with. If you have a particular style you think he'd suit, let me know and I'll see about maybe sorting it out!

There are 2 versions:
1) basegame_bubble-bones_JohnnyEarrings_Mix which is all of the earrings plus facial piercings (including eyebrow, nose and lip)
2) basegame__bubble-bones_JohnnyEarrings_OnlyEarrings which, as the name would imply, only earrings. 

There are now silver versions of the earrings. Due to the limitations of the textures, they aren't particularly shiny or metal like, however because they're so small hopefully it's not too big of a problem. For now, only the earrings version comes in silver. Also due to the nature of making the earrings have any colour but black, it means they're incompatible with other face retexture mods for Johnny. For obvious reasons, they can't be used with the black earrings/facial piercings version of the mod. 
1) basegame__bubble-bones_JohnnyEarrings_OnlyEarringsSILVER - silver earrings with Johnny's default face texture. 
2) basegame__bubble-bones_JohnnyEarrings_OnlyEarringsSILVERv2(cleaned_up_silverhand) - silver earrings with the face texture from the amazing Cleaned Up Silverhand mod by lilma. 
3) basegame__bubble-bones_JohnnyEarrings_OnlyEarringsSILVERv2(cleaned_up_silverhand_eyeliner).archive - silver earrings with the face texture from the above mod but the version with eyeliner! (my preferred version)

To actually see his ears, I'd recommend getting the awesome Johnny manbun mod (or here on nexus) which is used in the screenshots. 

1) Pick ONE version, you can't install both. 
2) Drop it into your mod folder (should look something like this: "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod")
3) Profit.

1) Delete the file from your mod folder. 

Please feel free share screenshots with me! Either here or tag me on tumblr if you'd like me to see <3

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