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Displays various Stats from the Game without the need to open the Inventory.

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This mod consinst of an fully themable UI with five tabs filled to the brim with Stats. It comes with 8 assigneable Hotkey, so you can use it even when CET is closed. Also has an addition tab, when CET is open, with lots of Options to customize this mod to your liking

General Tab 
Holds Info about Player Level, Street Cred, Carry Capacity, Eddies, Skill and Perk Points, Movement Speed, Jump Height and Attribute and Skill Progress

Operating System Tab
Contains Infos about Berserk, Sandevistan and Cyberdecks with their installed Mods respectively Quickhacks

Offensive Tab
This is where you get all the Infos about your equipped Weapons and your Cyberarm

Defensive Tab
This Tab contains all the Information about Armor, Evasion, Resistances, Immunities, Damage Reduction, Health, Stamina and Oxygen

Crafting Tab
Overview of all all Crafting related Stats, Bonuses and Crafting Materials both for Items and Quickhacks

Options Tab
Change the Behaviour and Appearance of your UI, select which Tabs are visible and what Info you want for your Weapons and Operating System


Drop "Bin"-Folder into your "Cyberpunk 2077"-Folder


3 Button-Mode: Bind Keys to Show/Hide, Prev Tab and Next Tab 

1 - 5 Button-Mode: Bind a Key for each Tab you want to use

Known Issues

  • You may encounter Weapons whose name will not be displayed. Instead you will see a red entry with a TweakDBID. Please create a Bug Report including the TweakDBID with both hash and length. Also tell me the Weapon Name, Rarity, if it was crafted orif is a Quest Item. If it is a Quest Item please also tell me the Quest Name

Q & A

Q: Why does Jump Height Display just 0 m
A: Jump Height will only be displayed while you jump