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A character preset of a tatted-up Japanese woman, with an included save file. Enjoy!

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This is a preset and save file for a tatted-up Japanese woman, ideal for any lifepath.

The save file is for a Streetkid V, beginning in her apartment right after the prologue. 


To use the preset, simply download and open the text file. In Character Creation, change each value to match the values written in the text file!

To install the save file, copy and paste the 'ManualSave-0' folder into this address: %userprofile%\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\ Cyberpunk 2077

NOTE: Don't overwrite one of your preexisting saves!

You likely already have a save with the number '0', so simply change the number to one higher than the highest number in your Saves folder.

For example, if your highest number is 'ManualSave-200', rename this save file to 'ManualSave-201' first. And then paste it into your Saves folder.