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Allows to tweak visibility for each worldmap marker type separately or made them visible only on certain range, also has an option to hide all markers related to a vehicle buying quests

Permissions and credits

  • Allows to tweak visibility for each worldmap marker type separately
  • Alternate version which also hides buy a vehicle quest markers
  • Range based version which shows all markers nearby (with configurable range)

If you want to additionally hide some fast travel markers then I would recommend to try my Limited Fast Travel mod

How to install

  • Download the latest redscript release and unpack it into the game folder
  • Unpack the mod archive into the game folder

Required redscript version: 0.3.0+

How to configure

  • Open r6\scripts\declutterWorldMap.reds with notepad or notepad++ and change configuration section variables as you like.
  • After you edited the file make sure that it is saved with UTF-8 encoding.

Default settings

  • Visible markers: Gigs, Clothes, JoyToy, Melee weapon vendor, Netrunner, 
  • Ripperdoc, Weapon shop,  Suspected organized crime activity (aka boss skull), 
    Appartment, Fast travel, Tarot card, Your vehicle
  • Hidden markers: Bar, Drop point, Food, Junk shop, Medpoint, Assault in progress, Reported crime, Fixer

Range based version

  • Adds the option to show every mappin within a fixed range of the player.
  • Removes filtering if in Fast Travel screen, regardless of other settings, so player always gets all Fast Travel points there.
  • Added options to enable/disable local range and its radius.
  • Hides FT pins by default, since local option is enabled by default.

Kudos to v1ld for all those tweaks.

How to uninstall

  • Delete the Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\declutterWorldMap.reds file


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For redscript mod developers

// Added methods
public func IsRelatedToVehicleQuest(mappin: wref<IMappin>) -> Bool 

// Replaced methods
public func CreateMappinUIProfile(mappin: wref<IMappin>, mappinVariant: gamedataMappinVariant, customData: ref<MappinControllerCustomData>) -> MappinUIProfile