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Automatically scales all weapons and armor currently equipped and in your inventory to your level.

Permissions and credits
Requires LATEST Cyber Engine Tweaks to work.

Wanted to appoligize for how long the update took, been busy with my other mod I'm mainly focused on right now, Perks Overhaul so been distracted and haven't updated this mod and a few others.

Version 2.0.1 (HOTFIX)
* Fixed a protentional huge performance impact or even a Crash to Desktop.

Version 2.0:
+ Updated for patch 1.23
+ Updated for the new features added to Cyber Engine Tweaks.
* No longer causes crash to desktop when entering Johnny's memories.
* Fixed equipment going above your level while in Johnny's memories or his past. If you were effected by this bug before this update I have a hotkey called "Re-Adjusts Armor/Weapons DOWN to your Level" this will re-adjust all your gear back DOWN to your level.
* Fixed equipment not syncing to your level.

Version 1.3:
+ Can upgrade items once again.

Version 1.2:
+ Added a new hotkey, there appears to be a bug when entering Johnny's memories and or letting Johnny take over your body, where your equipped weapons/armor become a much higher level then your character. Since we're still working on a way to detect when these events happen a hotkey has been added to readjust all weapons/armor DOWN to your level.

+ Hotkey to turn EQUIPPED weapons and armor to legendary status.
+ When the game loads all weapons and armor both equipped and in your inventory will be scaled to your level.
+ Upon leveling up all weapons and armor both equipped and in your inventory will be scaled to your new level.

Huge credit to: psiberx for creating GameUI module and giving me permission to use it.