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This is a STAR WARS Speeder bike replacing Brennan Apollo bike line in the Cyberpunk 2077 game.

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This is a STAR WARS Speeder bike replacing Brennan Apollo bikes.

Specifically the bike inherited from Scorpion after completing a quest:

If you don't have the Apollo bike yet try to get one:
complete the quest or buy it in the Act 2 or... use some other mods to get it, just look around ;-)

Important note:

this mod affects the whole Apollo variety line appearing in the game.
The actual appearance may vary depending on a scene.
As I focused the Scorpion flavor mainly, the other ones may look different with their specific accessories.

Even more important note:

Just like with any other mod there is always some risk of unexpected game behavior including sluggish performance and even game crashes.
Make sure to take precautionary measures: save your game progress often and backup your saves.
Check the changelog for known issues -  nothing serious yet good to know.
It may also conflict with other mods resulting in unpredictable look.

Still missing the original branding and game scene specific artwork.
Sorry for that - this bike proved to be much more complex than I initially thought so I could not cover it all.
There is a lot of details and dependences I could not research or handle yet.
Not to mention I'm a complete newbie to modding let alone 3D modeling ;-)
So don't shoot me if you come across unacceptable issues you believe causes by this mod - just delete the mod.

Anyway the is Speeder ready for you for a ride.
Have fun and don't forget it's actually not flying :-)


1) download and uzip the mod zip file. You should find a new file with .archive extension/type - this is the mod file you need in the the next step,
2) put it into "[your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder]\archive\pc\patch" folder. If you cannot find the "patch" subfolder just create it,
3) start the game and try your Apollo err speeder :)


1) just delete the file from "[your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder]\archive\pc\patch"