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Now you play with power of your eyes! Tobii Eye Tracker device support

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Now you play with POWER of your EYES!

This mod is intended to offer an eye tracking user experience with Tobii EyeTracker in Cyberpunk 2077.

Tobii Eye Tracker (c) is a technology of a Tobii Technology AB
Cyber Eye Tracking mod utilizes the source code of the open-source project RED4ext. A big thanks to PixelRick, WopsS, Expired, and all the modding community for help during development. Without them, this mod wouldn't exist.

Any feature could be disabled in the ini config file at your wish

1.Wheel select
Look at a weapon or gadget to select it in the weapon selection wheel.

2.Clean UI
HUD UI elements are always transparent until you look at some.

3.Dialogue select
Look at the dialogue option in a conversation to select it.

4.Camera pitch
Slightly rotates first-person camera in the direction of your sight

Current game version supported: 1.3
Work with Tobii EyeTracker 5\4c. 
Your in-game resolution should be the same as your system resolution (e.g. if your Windows resolution is 1920x1080 then it should be 1920x1080 resolution too in the game video settings).
It may take some time after loading the saved game for the mod to start working. (about 5-10 seconds after loading).

Upgrade from 1.0.7 and below
Delete files [Cyberpunk 2077 folder]\bin\x64\plugins\RED4ext.asi and [Cyberpunk 2077 folder]\bin\x64\plugins\plugins\CyberEyeTracking.dll 
Refer to the 'Installation' article section

Unzip archive content to [Cyberpunk 2077 ROOT folder] and replace files if it is requested.

Delete [Cyberpunk 2077 folder]\red4ext\plugins\CyberEyeTracking.dll file

How do I disable some features?
Open file cybereyetracking.ini in [Cyberpunk 2077 folder]\bin\x64 folder. Set 'Disable' value = 1 for some feature (e.g. DisableCameraPitch=1 will disable camera pitch feature) and save file.

1. Mod doesn't work\nothing changed
Check if you extracted zip content to the correct location: [Cyberpunk 2077 ROOT folder]
Wait some time after loading the saved game for the mod to start working. If nothing happens even after a minute or more then check that your Tobii Eye Tracker is connected to your PC. Check if it works in Tobii Experience App and perform calibration.

2. Game exe crashed after loading a saved game
Try to increment LoadCheckSec value by 5 in cybereyetracking.ini and try to load the saved game again. Continue increment LoadCheckSec setting value until it stops crashing.

Discord to contact me: Jay-D#1912