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Adding the NPC clothing that V can't use via mesh swaps due to skeleton issues.

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Consider this in beta.
I'll slowly be adding the npc clothing that isn't available to V because of glitching/skeleton issues.
This requires weighting the clothing to V's skeleton, so please be patient.
All the major female npc clothing will be added. You do not need to post a million requests.
I will not be making male npc clothing work for male V.

So far:

Meredith's Dress: Comes in 3 options, the vanilla dress (no gloves due to fpp clipping, working on that), a sleeveless dress and just the shirt. Dress versions replace any player "hanako" dress - Game.AddToInventory("Items.Dress_01_basic_01",1)  
No Skirt version replaces the player Militech style vest - Game.AddToInventory("Items.Vest_13_rich_02",1)

Judy Overalls: Only really fits with the same crop top that matches hers, but could potentially be used with anything skin tight added by other mods. Replaces any tight pants. - Game.AddToInventory("Items.Pants_01_basic_01",1)

Wearable Panam jacket: This mesh is a little glitchy in photomode at the moment as I fix weighting. These glitches are very minor, however and it is entirely wearable, so I've decided to release it in beta. Replaces the bolero jacket - Game.AddToInventory("Items.Jacket_14_old_01",1)

In progress:

Judy's overalls.
Meredith Stout's outfit.
Panam jacket fix. (next)
Hanako's jacket.
Rogue's full jacket. (on hold pending 105 buffer workaround.)
Rogue's sweater. (see above, 74 buffers, why??)
Various minor character items.

Upload your images, I love to see them!
I don't take requests.
I don't make mods for male characters because I don't play them.