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Kitty face knee high socks for female V + multiple colours to choose from

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Hello i finally bothered fixing the clipping on the kitten socks after 2 days to trying to get the originals in i thought NAH and learnt how to use blender to fix it my damn self >::)


These are a modified model of the kitten socks swapped onto a pair of glasses (or jacket) so u can wear them with shoes and pants. The "torso" (jacket) version takes up the outer-torso slot will be better for people using 3rd person mods as the glasses slot is made invisible.

These where already in the game files but didn't fit female V when merged. There's reasons why but i ignored them and MADE them FITTTT BECAUSE V WANTS THEM.

Download the file and unzip the contents of either zip anywhere. Inside is one unique file for every colour.
  • Copy ONE of the .archive files into: Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch\
  • Go and wear the "Ergonomic safety 3201 military shades" or "JSHLX Reinforced Puffer Vest"
  • item spawn for GLASSES is:  Game.AddToInventory("Items.Glasses_03_basic_03",1)
  •         item spawn for JACKET is:  Game.AddToInventory("Items.Vest_17_basic_01",1)
  • Enjoy and take pictures and add them to here!!!!

  1.  so i'm not very good at blender and there's some clipping left in small little teeny places and in some poses... i will probably fix this eventually but tbh blender is hard af with my decrepit uncoordinated hands ::) ::))))
  2. The glasses replacement version is not visible in 1st person due to the game making them invisible. If this bothers u please use the torso version.