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Permanently sets Rogue Amendiares back to her 2023 appearance.

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Took a bit of work and a lot of mesh swapping, but this mod lets you have Rogue be young 24/7. Note that I have not put this through particularly rigorous testing (and might never since I prefer our silver fox) so I'm begging y'all to be my bug testers. Let me know if anything goes wrong.

Also keep in mind that this mod doesn't carry over her clothes. You want young Rogue in young Rogue clothes then go play the flashbacks. This just replaces the body & head, so she wears all of her older counterpart's clothes. To be fair, she looks damn good in them too.

For the most part this shouldn't interfere with anything else since it really only affects Rogue, so it should work fine. The one thing this might be incompatible with is mods that mess with Rogue's scarf-choker that she wears with her Survive sweater. I thought the scarf didn't suit young Rogue so I switched it out for a choker. Other mods might also work fine with it, I haven't tested it. Just a fair warning.
This is confirmed, on the other hand, to work with all three of my other old Rogue swaps, in case you're curious. Any glitches you get by combining this mod with one of the other three is the fault of whichever other one you used because they're all buggy as hell, but still a fun time

Install the mod by unzipping the folder and putting the resulting "basegame_perma_young_rogue.archive" file in "[wherever the game is]\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch". That's it. Archive file in the patch folder.

Enjoy, chooms!