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Feeling tired? Bored? Powerless? Try the brand new Mr Whitey sweet clean Speedware! Comes in two very unique and original flavors, combining the very best things of most known high-end time dilation cyber- and boosterware, just without the downsides. Life is too short to be slow, so get your free sample today and enjoy that sweet sweet SPEED!

Permissions and credits
Current Features:

- Two unique time dilation modes, featuring elements from several types of iconic cyberware.
- you can and should use both modes strategically for maximum efficiency. 
- operated with a single button that cycles Mode 1, Mode 2 and Offline. 
- comes with screen effects and sound effects. Although options are limited, both modes look and sound different.
- Keep your cyberdeck installed. Just drop out of time dilation and instantly regain the ability to fire quickhacks.
- Designed to be challenging: going faster means less armor and health. 
- Much time was spent on safety: should correctly revert stats, even when loading new saves during time dilation.  

As of now, no bugs have been reported in v1.01. But v1.02 has the new interface. Choices.. Choices..

Note1: you may need to assign the hotkey again via the Cyber Engine Tweaks menu upon installing a new release
Note2: version 1.01 and above contains a new safety measure. Just move a bit upon loading a new save, you'll see the popup. 
Note3: v1.02 including new interface has arrived! I really made an effort to make it simple but functional, so I hope you enjoy it!

Mode 1: Booster mode

- Custom mix of Berserk mode and Kerenzikov with 40% dilation. 
- Includes superhero landing and mantis leap with any melee weapon, no mantis blades required!
- Time Dilation cyberware mostly work in this mode , though some more effective than others.
- Health, Armor, Crit Change and Crit Damage only slightly reduced (to 80%). Leg cyberware offline. 
- No cyberdeck access as long as you are in this mode, but also no time limit and no cooldown. 
- Similar to Kerenzikov, you are also affected by the dilation, essentially giving you superhuman reflexes. 
- no combat health regeneration while in this mode. You get it back when dropping out of time dilation. 

Mode 2: Speed mode

- Time slowed to 20%, but you are not affected. Fine tuned to just below bullet speed.
- Comparable to Warp Dancer Sandevistan, except no time limit and no cooldown. 
- The catch: you only get 10% health/armor/crit. Life is literally too short to be slow. 
- Designed to use in short bursts. You'll find yourself dropping in and out of this one.
- you can  melt an army in seconds. But fail to notice a single stray bullet and you are toast.
- no combat health regeneration while in this mode. You get it back when dropping out of time dilation. 

Big credits to: FlowerinNymphaea for creating the first (?) usable time dilation mod and inspiring me to learn lua script.
you can download it here: