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This mod will be an area where I will upload vehicle mashups using vehicle parts from the game.

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Yule's Junk Garage
Have you ever looked at the different vehicles in Night City and fell in love with certain vehicle parts? Maybe you really like the rims from the Rayfield Caliburn or even the junk bumpers from the player's Archer Hella and the Archer Quartz. However, the car you prefer to drive all the time does not have these parts. I was pretty sad to learn the game will not be having vehicle customization and I wouldn't be able to make ridiculous looking cyberpunk cars with all kinds of junk parts slapped on it. So I began creating these mashups.

I will SLOWLY be adding more vehicles to this mod in the future.

Currently Available Vehicles:
Custom Player Quadra R V-Tec and a Version with nomad Sensors instead of a spoiler available in the following colours:
1.      Black and Red
2.      My E3 Colours
3.      Gold and Black
4.      Green and Black
5.      Neon Green and Purple
6.      Rose Copper and White
7.      Silver and Blue
8.      White and Gold

As a very special thanks to иᶦო who has helped and inspired me to create this mod, I have created 2 special colours as a way of thanks.

1.      иᶦო Special Edition (Black and Pink)
2.      иᶦო's Requirement (Lime Green and Pink)

Custom Jen Rowley Type 66 in the following colours:

1.      Blood Red
2.      Carousel Red
3.      Frog Green
4.      Grabber Blue
5.      Lime Green
6.      Plum Crazy Purple
7.      Yellow
8.      иᶦო Stickerbomb Edition

Cthulhu Type 66 Custom DeathRacer in the following colours:

1.      Original Colour
2.      Black
3.      Grey

Stealth Black Type 66 Javelin Recolour in the following colours:

1.      Full Black
2.      Black and Blue
3.      Black and Green
4.      Black and White
5.      Black and Red
6.      Black and Red with Carbon Fiber

SIDE NOTE for the Stealth Black Javelin:

This one was made differently to my other cars. Instead of making individual archives for the different colours, I decided to use the Aldecaldo's Javelin variants. So all the colours in one archive to be used ingame at the same time as it replaces the Aldecaldo Variants too. This means that you will require this mod: Appearance Menu Mod. Use the appearance menu mod to swap the appearance of the player Javelin to use all of the available colours.

Attention (Stupid Side Effects):

This mod is essentially created using mesh swapping. This means that there will be certain issues, such as the bumper tends to vanish when you stand at a very specific spot and looking at a very specific angle (can't fix). Also the front rim is clipping slightly with the brake pads but you won't notice these things unless you rub your face on the car so its fine. This will most likely make other base vehicles look like trash cars but honestly who cares when your car looks cool right =)


Will conflict with any mod that changes the vehicles colours or appearance of any car that I will soon add.



  Cyberpunk 2077 Texture Override

To install:

Locate your Cyberpunk 2077 directory

Extract the colour of your choice from the zip file to the following location:
"Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch\"

To Delete:

 remove the .archive file from the patch folder

Osprey22 for taking some wonderful screenshots my car designs.
CYBERPUNK MODDING DISCORD for providing all the tools required to make this mod along with providing support and inspiration 
Special thanks to иᶦო for being иᶦო