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Adds an overlay to the game that allows you to see the built-in command console. Could be used for debugging or cheating.

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This mod is no longer supported as of 1.05. No further development will be done for versions 1.04 and below either. Yamashi's Cyber Engine Tweaks includes a console that is not exactly the same but works on 1.05 and is what I recommend you to use.

If you submit a bug report because you broke your game by not reading the install instructions in the v1.2 zip or because you didn't read the FAQ you will be blocked from the mod. Please indicate that you have done both when submitting a bug report.[/b]

Place all the .dll files in the zip in your Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\ directory, overwriting anything that already exists.

concmd.txt has a list of all console commands and their help text for game version 1.0.3


`/~ only works on en-us idk about any other keyboard layout. that's the game's code not mine you're on your own.


  • Fixed DLL Imports

See the articles tab at the top.

Press the `/~ key to open the console.


  • Add scrollbar and auto-scroll to console output
  • Display error code of command results
  • Investigate FPS Drops
  • Add logging of console output
  • Make the overlay respect the game's console's color. This will make `DebugConsole.SetColor()` work
  • Add a bat file installer for people who are brain-dead
  • Use custom-compiled wxWidgets for smaller file-size
  • CMake-ify and cleanup code, and publish to github


Q: Why can't I type in the console?
A: The console is just an overlay that shows stuff that's in the game. Click inside the game to type stuff

Q: Then why don't you just make it impossible to click the console?
A: Because sometimes you'll want to copy paste the output

Q: There's this weird window that says something about PDBs and stuff
A: That window is used for debugging if something goes wrong with the plugin. You can safely ignore it.

Q: Can you make a command to do ...?, or Can you fix command ...?
A: No. All commands are implemented by the game itself I don't have control over them.

Q: Can you change which key opens the console?
A: No, it's hard-coded in cyberpunk's code. The plugin just displays what you would see in the console if it were actually rendered.

Q: I'm 100% sure that I installed the mod correctly but the console overlay doesn't appear in-game, and no cmd window pops up either?
A: Try installing The MSVC 2019 Redistributable, downloadable by clicking this link. If that doesn't work /shrug you're on your own it works for other people. If you're going to submit a bug for a similar issue please make sure you state that you've done this otherwise I'ma just ignore it & close it.

Q: I can see the console when I alt tab but I can't type anything in it and it's invisible?
A: Open the game and press the key that opens the console...