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Change XP multiplier for: Experience, Street Cred, and Skills. Added testversion for 1.23

Permissions and credits
Redscript is Required (Download it first)

How to install Mod:
Unzip to Cyberpunk 2077 directory (The directory is where REDprelauncher.exe is located)

Script directory should look like this:
Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\xp_multiplier_UserConfigurable.reds

How to Configure the script:
Openxp_multiplier_UserConfigurable.reds with a text editor

Formula basically is:
Your New Experience Value = Regular Experience * Multiplier

So if you want halved experience, enter 0.5. You want double experience, enter 2.0. Want triple, enter 3.0...and so on....

jekky for Redscript compiler for functions