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Swap default cyber arms with more robotic ones.

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Swap your default cyber arms with more robotic ones.  Swap both, swap the left, swap the right, mix and match, etc.  

Current version only supports swaps for Gorilla arms on female V.  I'm working on adding male arms and more variety besides color.

You've got 11 color sets to choose from and can mix and match!  Want a blue left arm and green right one?  Sure thing.  That's 66 combinations outta the box.  Enjoy.

Check the images for the color sets.  If you think the naming doesn't quite match up with the colors, well I agree.  Those were the defaults built into the game so ask CDPR about it.  I'll most likely add a few custom color schemes eventually.

Important Notes
  • Replacers for launcher arms will replaces the default arms for your character.  When starting a new game you will have the arms swaps before you equip your first arm cyberware.  If you chose to install Gorilla arms too and picked different colors, Gorilla arms colors will take precedent over launcher colors.
  • The grenade launcher part of the launcher arm will float above the arm.  Just the way it's gonna be until modding tools improve a bit.  Thanks for your patience.
  • CDPR seems to have made a mistake with the arm models.  Female V is using parts of the male launcher assets.  In order to replace female V arms, male launcher components are hidden too, even if you don't have the male launcher arms installed.  Sorry about that but it can't be helped as of yet.
  • You can have the launcher arms, monowire arms, gorilla arms, etc. installed all at once.  They won't conflict.  :D

What's next?
  1. Female V Launcher Arms (done - update 1.2.0)
  2. Male V Launcher Arms  (done - update 1.5.0)
  3. Female V Monowire Arms  (done - update 1.3.0)
  4. Male V Monowire Arms  (done - update 1.4.0)
  5. Reduce file sizes and optimize archives for gorilla arms and female launcher arms
  6. Will take a look at what can be done with mantis blades (no promises)
  7. Other arms models...

Update 1.5.0:
  • Added male V launcher arms.

Female V (Monowire) Patch 1.0.1:
  • Fixed missing right arm textures for blue right arm.
  • Added missing arms for brown-orange left and yellow right arm.

Update 1.4.0:
  • Added male V monowire arms.

Update 1.3.0:
  • Added female V monowire arms.

Update 1.2.0:
  • Added female V launcher arms.

Male V Patch 1.1.3:
  • Some view modes were still showing cyberware knuckles, such as in hand to hand combat.  That has hopefully been patched out.  Though users will
  • now experience their Female V players without cyberware knuckles even when the Female V version of the mod is NOT installed.  Apparently the devs at CDPR
    tied Female knuckle assets to the male characters, near as I can figure.
  • Removed "LR" files from the manual installer.  It was needlessly redundant.  If you want both arms just install an "L" and "R" file accordingly.

Male V Patch 1.1.1:
  • Fixed Male V Gold arms showing incorrect colors.  

Update 1.1.0:  
  • Added male cyborg arms in all the same colors as female V.  Added a Brown-Red  that's actually the default for the cyborg arms in the game files.
  • Added a simple FOMOD installer for Male and Female V!  When installing via Vortex, etc., just pick the options you want and be done.  Reinstall to switch it up.  If that's not your cup, there's a manual install with all the files zipped up you can snag.

Use Vortex to download the FOMOD version of your choosing.  When installing via the Vortex launcher, choose the arm colors you want from the FOMOD popup.  

Download the Manual version of the installer and unzip.  If you want only one arm modded, choose a SINGLE "L" file for left arm or "R" file for right arm in the color of your choosing.  You can alternatively choose both a separate "L" AND "R" file to get two different (or the same) color arms.  
Take the file(s) you've chosen and drop them into the "archive/pc/patch"  directory in your game folder.  Create the folder if it doesn't exist. 

In game, be sure that you have arm cyberware installed and you should see your righteous new arm(s).

Mod Conflicts / Incompatibilities:
  • Arm mods that change the default gorilla and launcher arm colors will potentially override this mod, resulting in either missing textures or texture overlap.  I'm looking at fixes but don't hold your breath.
  • Possible Fix to this mod conflict:
You'll need to get my mod to load AFTER any other mods that override arm colors.  Adding a capital "Z" to the archives you want seems to do the trick most of
the time.  So if the file you want is "basegame_cyborgArms_f_Silver_R.archive", change it to, "basegame_ZcyborgArms_f_Silver_R.archive".
Not a guaranteed fix but it worked for me. Hopefully mod load order will be a thing sooner than later.