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This mod seamlessly integrates Johnny Silverhand's iconic SAMURAI Jacket, typically worn by V, into his engram appearances. His vest is also replaced by his SAMURAI tank top. Now, whenever Johnny manifests in engram form before V, he'll sport the distinctive SAMURAI Jacket over his tank top.

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This mod thoughtfully introduces Johnny Silverhand's iconic SAMURAI Jacket, traditionally exclusive to V, into his engram appearances. In this revamped look, Johnny doesn't just get his jacket back; his usual vest is replaced with the SAMURAI tank top, ensuring he dons the full ensemble whenever he appears in engram form.

The inspiration for this mod stemmed from a simple desire: to refresh Johnny's appearance without resorting to the alternative look, which didn't quite hit the mark for me. Surprised by the absence of such a mod, the concept of Johnny reclaiming his SAMURAI jacket—a piece so emblematically his—ignited my creativity. A search on Nexus confirmed its non-existence, echoing the age-old wisdom: "If you want something done right, do it yourself." That's precisely what I embarked on, dedicating eight hours to master WolvenKit for this sole purpose.

While the integration is seamless, a note on authenticity: due to the unique engram effect, there are moments when the jacket and tank top may not visually glitch alongside Johnny, presenting a minor visual inconsistency. Additionally, although Johnny's slimmer frame mostly fits well under the jacket, there's a slight possibility of clipping, notably with his hair and the collar—a minor detail, given his intangible, engram nature.

Johnny will consistently wear the SAMURAI tank top and jacket, with sensible exceptions for specific scenarios, such as during the Alt sex scene or when bandages cover his torso due to Mantis Blade injuries.

Installation is straightforward: Extract the contents of the zip file (specifically the "archive" folder) into the main data directory of Cyberpunk 2077 (path: Cyberpunk 2077 > archive > pc > mod). Enjoy a refreshed Johnny Silverhand, sporting his rightful SAMURAI legacy.

This mod is compatible with The Passenger by deceptious.