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This is a Python script that creates a Virtual Atelier Store for any items added to the game by TweakXL.
It's a nice way to have access to all your modded items in a single store, with the same pricing, instead of having to "cheat in" modded items with commands.

Permissions and credits
Usage (simplified):

  • Make sure Python 3.7 or higher is installed, along with PyYaml
  • Double-click "" in the game root folder
  • Start the game and use the "Imperial Exports" Virtual Atelier

Usage (details):

  • Install Python 3.7 or later, if you haven't done already. Either 32-bit or 64-bit will work. If you are installing Python for the first time, 32-bit is recommended even on 64-bit machines for compatibility reasons with other scripts.
  • Install PyYaml, if you haven't done already. This is usually done by the "pip install pyyaml" command.
  • Extract the mod files into the ROOT of your Cyberpunk installation folder (this is where the "bin", "archive" and "r6" folders are located).
    Alternatively, use Vortex to install. Ignore the error about the fallback installer.
  • Optionally: edit the "StoreGenerator.yaml" file to make changes to the generated store or add a new store. By default, it will create a single store 'Imperial Imports' which contains all items added to the game.
  • Run the "" script to generate the stores. By default, this should create the "r6\scripts\ImperialImports-atelier-store.reds" file.
    The recommended way to do this is to open a terminal (Powershell on Windows) and type "python .\" so that you can see any error messages.
  • Play the game and use your new store as you would any other Virtual Atelier store. As this will by default add EVERY item, the store may take some time to load the first time, and some items may not work or crash the game when selected.
  • Each time you add a new mod that adds new items into the game, you can re-run the "" script to update the store.


The "StoreGenerator.yaml" file contains the configuration on what files to scan, and what stores to create. By default, the script generates a single store called "Imperial Imports", that contains all the Tweak XL item definitions it can find.
Never edit the " file" unless you are familiar with Python, editing this will likely break the script.

  • You can add a new store by copying the "Imperial Imports" record and changing its name and its "filename" fields.
  • You can edit the "sources" list to change what files are scanned for items to create the store. The default values ("r6/tweaks/*.yml", "r6/tweaks/*.yaml") include all Tweak XL files.
  • You can edit the "filters" list to change what kind of items are included in the store. For example, you can restrict the stores inventory to headwear and footwear by setting the filters to "$base:Items.GenericHeadClothing" and "$base:Items.GenericFootClothing" or to any clothing item (except outfits) by setting it to "$base:Items.Generic*Clothing".
  • You can change the price and supply of items by editing the "pricing" and "supply" entries. Each price is an array of 5 values, for each rarity from common to legendary.
  • Setting the price of anything to 0 (or below) will instead use the built-in pricing of the Virtual Atelier Store.


  • Version 1.2.0 - Both the "sources" and "filters" fields in "StoreGenerator.yaml" now support prefixing the value with "ANY:", "ALL:" or "NOT:". If no prefix is given the default is "ANY:". Items need to match one of the "ANY:" prefixes (if there is any), all of the "ALL:" prefixes, and none of the "NOT:" prefixes.
  • Version 1.3.0 - The quality (legendary, epic, rare etc.) of the items a store sells can now be configured with the "qualities" list under the "supply" section. Multiple values can be added top the list, in which case the store will sell multiple quality levels of the same item. The accepted values are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Default, with Default being the original quality level of the item set by the modder.
  • Version 2.0 - Partial rewrite to cope with problems caused by other types of tweaks. The script will now no longer fail if it reads these files, but it will print an error in the console and continue. The user can use this info to correct any files listed.
    Tweaks that do not deal with items would also crash the script. These are now ignored by default.