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Around 800 audio files has been individually opened,,modified and enhanced to make a proper audio mix and balance

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Cyberpunk 2077 Audio Overhaul
Enhance the poor audio mix of the game

Long story short, the game has poor (no) audio mix.
I mean... When you see that some musics in the same "mood" can be 20% louder than the previous one for no reason with the voices or the sounds effects sticking in the same lower volume range.

Nothing is more painfull to me than:
A loud loop of combat music
A bad audio mix when the music is louder than the voices
A cat tryng to get your attention when your're moding
You could simply adjust the music volume in the options again and again, adjust music and sound thow.

So, after a month of work, there's my attempt to fix some of those things.

It's not a radical way to fix the audio like completly remove the audio of combat or anything but a slight modification of every files. I've limited myself to 4 db to keep the vanilla feel and with my audio system it's fine.

To be more specific on what the mod does, for instance, loud audio on a night club will be still loud, but now can now listen what other people are telling you!  Combat music is still loud either, less annoying because the difference between ambiant music is now acceptable. This list of what I did is still pretty long and depend of each file but don't forget that the purpose is more to make a proper audio mix than adding polka in the afterlife. Hmm Just got a mod idea, brb ^^

If I have time I'll do a video to let you see the difference. But after all this work, and all the shxxx that the upload of the files was,  I'm really tired of Cyberpunk moding so If you want to, feel free to do it and I'll put it right here.

Please note that I won't answer anymore to mod request, mod tuturial request,
support for every people trying to modify audio or anything like that, in the comments or by mp. I'm not interested to help everyone to make his own mod.

Also, I'm not responsible of every audio bug (or other bugs) you may experience in the game!

If you enjoy it, don't forget to endorse it.

Please let me know if you find this mod anywhere else than on the nexus. I don't allow any upload anywhere else.

Some websites talking about the mod:
PC Gamer
Dark Side of Gaming
Tom's Hardware


How to Download and Install

Warning: this is a 11gb mod!

For the Nexus files

Go to files and download it one by one

Download the Rename Batch on the optional files and uncompress it in the same place that the files you're downloaded
If you don't want to use a batch, you can also rename the files "basegame_Cyberpunk Audio Overhaul.part01.rar" to "basegame_Cyberpunk Audio Overhaul.part12.rar"

Execute the batch!

Unrar/unzip the file (basegame_Cyberpunk Audio Overhaul.archive) to "GameDir\archive\PC\Patch"
If the patch folder does't exist, create it

Use the Google/Mega mirror link or the Torrent link (Files Tab, Optionnal Download):
Follow the pdf instruction of mega

For Google and torrent:
You'll finally get a file named: basegame_Cyberpunk Audio Overhaul.archive

Copy it to "GameDir\archive\PC\Patch"
If the patch folder does't exist, create it

Thanks to lordcyb3r for uploading the files to google drive, the file with the link is in the optional files.
Thanks to Moubai for the torrent version

Donwnload troubleshooting
Note that the nexus files are not the same than the mega files, and than the google file (full mod)

If the nexus files I corrupted, there's nothing I can do about it, try to check the archive (starting with the size) and re download the involved part

If you downloaded the 1st file from Mega and it says it's corrupted - it stays that way until you download all the parts and then unzip the 1st one to uncompress everything.

If you have any google quota message using the google mirror:

    Sign in to Google Drive account after opening the file link.
  Replace the “uc” with “open” in the file URL.
    Reload the page and bypass download limit.
    Click the Add to My Drive icon.
    Select the same option again to confirm.
    Open your Google Drive account and right-click on the added file.
    Select Make a copy option from the context menu.
    Select the Download option to download the file to your PC.

Note that you don't have to do anything with the google drive version like uncompress, just copy it to: "GameDir\archive\PC\Patch"


Is this work with the XXX mod ?
It should not work with any mod modifying the audio_2_soundbanks and you should be carefull or ask to the moder when the mod add or modify some music.

I don't notice any difference
Remove the mod and test the same area, if you don't notice any difference, check if other mod is using the audio_2_soundbanks, if it still not work, well I don't know. I've limited the audio modification to 4db, so It's enougt to remove saturation, put the combat music to an acceptable volume without killing the mood of the game.

 Why did you do that? Go to options and lower music volume!
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!
1 Because I can
2 Because I wanted to
3 Read the description of what the mod does before make a brillant comment
4 Feel free to not use it!
(Ok I have more than 100 files on the nexus so my patience is...)

Hello, since you did that ,can you make possible for us to let us add our own music please?
Just kidding, for the "hello" and "please" I mean .  Replace yes, add I guess no with the tools we have right now. Basicly it's pretty long proccess to replace the files and I don't have the time to do a tutorial but I found by myself googling each step.
Uncompress archive with moding tools, decode wem, identify files names reencode, repack this kind of thing.

I am a (so called) audio specialist and, even if I haven't tested the mod, what you did is bad, you're a jerk. You're not as good as I am, obviously, even if I do nothing exept commenting other people's work.
I have to admit that maybe people that enjoyed it and myself are not a specialist who knows everything without testing anything like you but, your opinion of world wide audio internet specialist is important to me and everyone! Why won't you go share it on other mods instead ? (Still the patience thing)

Does your mod fix this or that ?
It does what it is described in this page, no more, no less. If you prefer to ask instead of read it's your choice. Mine, will be to no waste any more time to anwer to people that see a title and rush on the post tab to ask anything

I have a bug with your mod
You should not, it replace music and not include script or anything. For now, everytime I've checked the reports, the involved bug was a bug of the game...
Before complaing of anything, start a bug report and waste my time. try that:

1 Quit the game and see if the problem is still here
2 Try to remove the mod (copying somewhere else than in the patch folder) to test if the problem is still here.
(If it is, nothing to do with the mod)
3 Put in the comment/bug report that you did that or I won't answer

Please note that if you are the only one who has a specific bug/problem, there's nothing I can do about it anyway.

Why did you use that word in the description? I don't like the font you used, the text orientation of your description, I have the right!!!! It's so important for everyone to have MY opinion on anything and everything! And I am a graphist I know what I'm talking about!
I don't care.

But I'm so important!

Of course you are...

Please note that I won't answer to anything if the answer is in the description of the mod.
Note that the moders provide you with their work for free and for the pleasure of sharing.
They/We don't owe you anything, even if some people's comments show that they think otherwise!
I'll block from all my mods any rude or irreverent person!

Thank you very much indeed to the people who endorsed the mod and voted for the mod of the month. 
Bon jeu!