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Immersive Roleplay provides an entirely new and improved Cyberpunk 2077 experience! With amazing features such as:

- A framework to make and design your own content
- Working Multiplayer!!! (Temporarily down for debugging)
- In Game Editor
- Custom Quests
- Gang Wars
- Flying AV
- Metro 's and Taxi's

Permissions and credits
This mod is heavily WIP. Lots of things may not work as intended. Always backup your saves before modding. the IRP team doesn't take any responsibility if your saves become corrupted.

Do Not use Vortex to install this mod, manual install only
Vortex is not and never will be supported.!

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We now have a patreon :
IRP will always stay free.
This patreon is just an page to support the mod and helps to cover the server fee 😃

We recommend FGR (Full Gameplay Rebalance) for a better Experience : 

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Install All Nexus and Offsite requirements from the REQUIREMENTS MENU above before installing the mod
Download the mod
Open the zip file (the folder in the zip is called "bin")
Drag and Drop "bin" into your Cyberpunk 2077 Game Folder
It doesn't get any simpler than that.

To Download content :
-Use any of the in game computers (like the one in V's apartment), an IRP window will open with which you can interact. To interact with it hit ` (backtick/tilde)
-If the title bar is red, it means you need to update. Click this to update the mod
-Reload mods with CET after updating.
-Download your preferred data and mission packs from Keystone
-Open the Datapack Manager from the Tools Options Tab in the Main Quest Window on the left hand side of your screen.
-Enable the data and mission packs you have downloaded
-Close the datapack manager and reload mods with CET

IRP has come a long way since its beginnings as Quest Mod which had a few basic mission types and a generator to create your own datapacks. With 0.16 Night City becomes a massive sandbox you can tailor to your liking

Current Features:
Don't got the eddies to buy a home? Build one:
With the housing pack you can build homes and businesses from nothing at all. The world is your will...
Furnish and decorate with thousands of items and objects.
Maybe even rebuild the town of Rocky Ridge while you are at it. Breathe life into the waste!

Partners in Crime: Multiplayer
You aren't the only merc on the street choomba, expect to see others.

How multiplayer works:

You can enable multiplayer in the IRP menu.
choose your avatar (what your friends see you as) and a Tag(nickname)
type in your friends tag and click create user or log in (depending on if its your first time or not)

Your friend will spawn in as the avatar they choose and their position will be synced in your game.
Your influence in each others world is limited but it will get better and better as time goes on.

For now you can see 5 other players around you. This will be increased in the future

At the time being you are basically ghosts in each others worlds, synced mission (custom or maybe original) and  synced enemies are something that we plan on implementing.

A massively multiplayer mode is also in the works

keep in mind that for now :
- vehicles do not sync(but it is planned)
- if get too far from your friend they will disappear 

Too many eddies? Nothing to spend them on? Make more! Purchase a property
For a solid chunk of eddies you can buy already existing houses and businesses and make them your own! 
Rent out houses and apartments and see cash flow in from your businesses.

Love it or lose it. Stock Market:
You can purchase share's in Arasaka, Militech, Biotechnica, PetroChem and many other Companies; including IRP itself! It works much like any stock market. So get to investing in your favorite dystopian megacorp!

Take your favorite character out for a good time. The Angel on One Shoulder:
You can interact with characters such as Judy, Panam, Claire, and others by earning affinity points. The more you interact the higher your points will rise, then you can contact them by phone, invite them out to places of entertainment, and eventually to your home👀. Take them as a trusted companion on missions or just go rampaging through the city ducking each others bullets. Each venue has a text based interaction list from which you select an action (no animations as of yet) such as Drink a Beer, Play a Game, Eat a Meal, or Have a Coffee! They will react to your choice which will affect your affinity, if affinity is negative you lose all privileges with that Character and will not be able to call them because they are sulking.

Gang or Group affinity. The Devil on the Other:
All Fixers both official and custom IRP fixers have missions to give and are affiliated with various gangs and corporations. For example: if Rita gives you a mission to seek out and kill a Tyger Claw's member, you gain affinity with Mox but also lose affinity with the Tyger Claw's so that when you are on their turf they will attack you. But don't worry, the Mox will back you up. The opposite is also true, if you become friendly with the Tyger Claw's, they will assist you and accompany you as crew members but the Mox will hate your guts. When affinity with a Fixer reaches a high enough level, you will be able to call them using the phone app.

Gather your choom's! Party down or go in guns blazing:
There are two unique ways to recruit a crew! You can make your companions members of your crew or recruit from gangs who look up to you. You can give them orders other than just the basic follow command! You can make them follow another npc, mount a vehicle, drive a vehicle and follow you. In combat you can order them to a specific point and they will comply, tell them to take cover, cease fire and retreat. You can switch their weapons or give them your own to use and can dismiss them so they return to their daily lives.

Delamain Taxi Service:
Delamain taxi service will pick you up when you call him by phone and select a destination. Look at the road when selecting and the taxi will pull up within 5m given that there is no traffic in the way. Delamain knows his way around Night City , these streets are his playground, and will drop you at the closest point to your destination. So if you don't feel like driving and want a scenic view of the city as you travel, Call Delemain Taxi Services!
Delamain is not liable in the case of accidents, death's in a Delamain, or death's caused by a Delamain.

Where the hell did they come from?:
Loads of new random events, making the streets more alive! Your affinity with gangs and corporations can make good or bad things happen to you on your adventures, so keep an eye out and make sure you are always packing the latest cyberware

Trauma Team:
Aside from the mass of stray bullets other causes of death do exist in Night City. Ever wonder why you don't see birds? Well feel lucky that you don't. But diseases, infections, and hell, even just choking on a hot dog can be the death of person. That's were Trauma Team comes in, but Trauma Team takes time to arrive. But no worries you can help out a person before Trauma Team arrives. Become the Patron Saint of Night City.

NCPD's apex predator, used in the most extreme of cases, and sometimes that extreme case happens to be gang violence. Watch as Maxtac swoops in to stop a rampaging gang, or hell, even join in on the chaos.

Aldecaldos Ops:
You can always count on family, especially a nomad family. Watch as the Aldecaldos come in to save your ass from a beating. Only in the badlands though. They don't like to be too far from the smell of freedom, petrol, and coyotes. You can even recruit them into your crew (the Aldecaldos, not the coyote's), they will watch your back, take a bullet, or even rush headlong into into an explosion to cushion the impact.

Gang wars people. Definition of a gang bang:
Night City is restless, gangs fighting on almost every block day after day, so why not join in on the fun? Pick a side and watch as the people you help like you more and the people you harm like you less.

Dude... Where'd that Car Come From?:
You are nonchalantly walking along strutting your stuff, when out of the blue some bastard rolls up and randomly decides to play nasty. Not quite random maybe, this was planned, it's a bloody ambush!? Getting people mad enough puts a price on your head (maybe it was Wakako), and people in Night City will do whatever for eddies.

I Believe I can Fly?:
Ever look up high and get jealous of corpo's living in their high life in their AV's with minibars and heated seating? Well fret no longer because that is now a life you can live. Rent an AV from your favorite Fixer today!
AV is very WIP, we are still working on flight model and collision detection. 

Bugs are a big problem, CDPR likes to find weird ways to ruin our fun (looking at you spawn limit). IRP staff is not liable for any game-breaking bugs but is willing to help find solutions.

Online Disclaimer :
IRP mod has online functionalities. You communicate with the IRP Server and exchange data. I care a lot about privacy so I store NOTHING about your computer or you internet information. Only mod related data (login, password, list of datapacks, list of content) is sent to the server.
I don't care about your data and I respect your privacy before anything. 

We design our server and online functionalities to be compliant with Europe's RGPD. You have the right to ask us to delete any information about you and also get any information that we have about your account. We do not store personal things (such as name or address)
List of thing that we store and related to the player :
-Hash of password (we don't know your password)
-Avatar used
-List of friend nickname
-Position in game and rotation in game
-Time of last synced position


.16 Update : 
I rewrote a lot of code and made IRP more friendly and modable. It takes time but after 200+ snapshot and versions for tested, here we are !
I consider this version as a foundational update. It will be the base for a lot of things in the future and I put all of my energy into it !

  But First, some thanks : 
- Hardkopy, who is now a part of the Team, to support me and my madness and help me about testing and improving the mod.
 Without him, many things would not exist.

- ddxover, who runs the server and the multiplayer part.
 Without him, IRP multiverse wouldn't exist. Say hello to him!

- My fellow testers, Eli, Caravan, and loonleywolf who not only test but have also learnt how to make their own content.

- All of the modders and CET team who help me an lot in the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Community Discord.
 (special thanks to psiberx, who answer meany question I ask)
- All of the people on the IRP discord and Nexus, thanks for supporting us ! 

Full Changelog : 

- Added Path/Node/Circuit system : custom race and programmed locomotion(metro, train,av) is possible now ! Check future custom pack about it !
- Added Delamain Taxi service in phone, call delamain, choose an destination and taxi will drive you too.
- Housing system for custom place. You can add, move and remove items in an custom place. Make your home an sweet home !
- Added Keystone Web Browser, your new place to manage mod content. Go to any PC and the windows will open.
- Rework script system and add a lot of action and trigger.
- Rework ambush system
- rework sound system
- Your progression, affintiy, and all is now related to your save. Each save have his IRP save.
- added IRP Framework, an exe that launch at Game Start and enable the communication with IRP Server fro multiplayer, mod management and datapack management.
You can download and manage a lot of things here :
- Datapack : 
Download, Update or remove any datapack from IRP server. 
Including some datapack : 
* Metro and train datapack (you can take metro or train through Nith City)
* ambush
* radio 
* Race
* Crew Management
* Housing
* World Quality of life(invite judy to take an beer or go to sleep to your home :P)
and lot of content. Theses datapack are the official one provided by our team. 
They can be updated in future to add more !

- Mod
Now future Update of IRP will be available here. You just have to click on the BIG RED BANNER AT TOP to update the mod directly in game then reload CET. No need special things to do !
- Take Mission from online server : 
An tons of mission will be available in the server, choose one then download it and play it!
- Buy/Sell stock Option in Exchange Hub
You can buy Arasaka stock option or sell it online. More to come about it !
-Buy/Sell Furniture
You can buy and sell furniture and use them into housing system.

- Added Editor Windows under tools menu, now you can make in game  : 
-Custom Mission : make your own mission
-Custom Interact : make your own interact 
-Custom Dialog : make your own dialog
-Custom Fixer : make your own fixer
-Custom Place and housing for an custom place : make your own custom place and housing
-Custom Function : make your own function
-Custom Faction : make your own faction 
-Custom Radio (you need to add manually your mp3 to your datapack "song" folder) : make your own custom radio
-Custom Node : make your own special location for locomotion
-Custom Circuit : make your own circuit (an bunch of node connected together
-Custom Path (and test it !!) : make your own custom path to make an path for an entity
-Custom Language : make your own translation of the mod or datapack
-Custom Event : make your own event (ambush, world event)
then you can wrap it into an folder and zip it. Share your zip to community so they can play with your own content.
Yes, you can make your own story and share it !

- Added Multiplayer : Connect to IRP Multiverse and you will see the 5 players around you through Night City. They have an avatar of an character of the game(as you) and are tagged are friend so help you if you are attacked. For now you only see them move.
- Added Flying AV : YES ! You can drive flying AV that was impossible to drive before ! and yes ! it's work ! You can buy the only available AV (for now) at...
Disclaimer :
IRP mod have online functionalities. You communicate with IRP Server and exchange data. I care a lot about privacy so I store NOTHING about your compute. Only mod related data (login, password, list of datapack, list of content) are send to the server.
I don't care about your data and i respect your privacy before anything. 


I created this mod as a Framework that people can make their own mission pack and share it with the community. I really hope that someone will do it, as I do. But, I already say, I have a newborn at home and my "gaming time" is limited so I can't generate quickly a lot of quest with no bugs.

I will make a way to have a proper location for Kill and Escort. This is my first priority because it will make my mod playable.

For this, I will introduce for each Districts 30 Point of Interest (POI).

It will be the "good location for missions". So several missions can be in the same POI. It will take a lot of time because it require for me to select each POI on the map and take his location. So I need, for each of 6 Districts used in my mod, to determine 30 POI. It will make 180 POI where missions can take place. 

If the community want to help, you can give me the POI you want to see included in the mod by PM or in this thread, in reply to this comment.
As you know, my mod (like some other mods) give you the position of your player (X Y Z).
So go to a place you want and give me the X Y position and the district with a small description.

For example : 

Place : Near Judy's house 
X : -865
District : Watson

It's important to give me the good District because it will determine some parameters for the mission.

More POI I have, more generated quest will be created and more content will be added. I really hope that people can help me by providing POI of their own. When you explore Night City, think about a place you want that something happens. Give it to me and I will make something happens. That's the goal of my mod.

Thank you for support my mod. I really enjoy all of your comment. I love this game and it's universe, I really want to make it bigger. 

REPORT ANY BUGs IN THE BUGS SECTION, MORE YOU REPORT, THE MORE THE MOD WORKS (give me the mod version, the contract number and the location is possible)

Nexus Localized by Caravan (any thing spoken in First Person from Donk4173 was left untouched, as those are more so journal entries)