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About this mod

Immersive Roleplay provide a new game experience.
- Gang Wars
- Multiplayer feature
- Scripting System
- Flying AV
- Editor in Game
- Custom Quest
- Taxi mission and service
- Team building
- Custom house, housing and interaction
_ A framework to design your own world in Night city !
- Planned

Permissions and credits
This mod is heavily WIP. Lots of things may not work as intended. Always backup your saves before modding. I don't take any responsibility if your save become corrupted.

I am also not responsible for what you do and show with this mod. This mod provides a framework for people to create their own content. So if you make anything what will make damage to CDPR and show it on net, I and the mod are not responsable of your content.

This is my first mod ever. Be indulgent.

(and I'm French with imperfect English, so sorry for the grammar)

Requires Cyber Engine Tweaks,

You like my work ? Buy me a Beer 🍺

Wiki Page (outdated! See #install and FAQ in discord)

Discord channel :

Bug channel :

IRP has come a long way since its beginnings as Quest Mod which had a few basic mission types and a generator to create your own datapacks. With 0.16 NC becomes a big sandbox you can tailor to your liking with content provided by the mod.

Current Features:
Don't got the eddies to buy a home? Build one:
You can physically build a home and business from scratch providing content for your own game.
You can also furnish and decorate with thousands of items and objects.
A great example would be rebuilding Rocky Ridge Caravan Town. Most caravans are empty shells, it is up to you to lay a floor and build an interior to your own comfort.

Too many eddies? Nothing to spend them on? Make more! Purchase a property
IRP also provides custom houses and business you can purchase for eddies, mind you these are not cheap and run into the thousands. To offset the cost you can receive a salary for renting the property
and sell items from your business to the market.

Love playing the market:
You can purchase share's in Arasaka, Militech, Biotechnica, Petrocorp and many other including IRP itself. It works the same as any share market and you could make IRP worthless as an investment to your peers (couldn't resist lol)

Take your fav npc out for a good time:
You can interact with npc such as Judy, Panam, Claire, and others by earning affinity points. The more you interact the higher your points will rise, then you can contact them by phone, invite them out to places of entertainment eventually your home. take them as a companion on missions or just go rampaging through the city ducking each others bullets. Each venue has a text based interaction list from which you select an action (no animation) such as Drink a Beer, Play a Game, Eat a Meal, Have a Coffee etc. They will reacte to your choice which will affect your affinity, if affinity is negative you lose all priviledges with that npc and will not be able to call them because they are sulking.(modifié)

Be nice or be Evil, your choice:
Gang or Group affinity.
All Fixers both official and custom IRP fixes have mission sets and are affiliated with various gangs and corporations. For example if Rita gave you a mission to seek out and kill a Tygerclaw member, you gain affinity with Mox but also lose affinity with the Tygerclaws so that when you are on there turf, they will attack you but don't worry, the Mox will back you up. The opposite is also true and if you become friendly with Tygerclaws they will assist you and accompany you as crew member but Mox will hate your guts.

Gather your choom's Party down or go in guns blazing:
There are two ways to recruit a crew, you can make your companions crew members or recruit from gangs who are friendly with you. You can give them orders apart from the basic follow command you can make them follow another npc, mount a vehicle, drive a vehicle and follow you. In combat you can order them to a specific point and they will comply, tell them to take cover, cease fire and retreat. You can switch their weapons or give them your own to use and can dismiss them so they return to their sandbox.

Where the hell did they come from?:
Events will happen randomly througout the world, good or bad, some rewarding, others punishing. These events come with affinity depending upon the action you take could bring negative or positive results.

Trauma Team:
A random npc will drop to the ground and it is up to you to save them before TT arrive. If you save them, you gain affinity. If you fail, you lose affinity and they may put a bullet in you to display their disgust at your utter incompetence.

Like TT, MT will also arrive in an AV and attack some gang members. devil you do devil you don't because your choice may have heavy affect on your relations with the gang and maxtac. Who you going to side with? Your choice.

Aldecaldos Ops:
These guys are mine so be nice. Seriously though, you're family right? so they are there to help and will turn up in a border patrol helipcopter only in the badlands areas cos they don't like to be too far from sand and the smell of polluted air from rotting waste, not to mention coyote's. You recruit them into your crew (not the coyote's, the npc), they will watch your back and even take a bullet for you or rush headlong into into an explosion to cushion the impact.

Definition of a gang bang:
Gang wars people.
Throughout NC you will see gangs fucking each other up sideways with all manner of weapons and nasty objects you never know where they've been. You can side with one or the other to win lose affinity or watch the show, up to you.

Where the heck did they come from?
You are nonchalantly walking along strutting your stuff, out of the blue some bastard rolls up decides to play nasty. Not quite, this was planned, it's a bloody ambush which can and will happen anywhere, even while stealthily making your way to a mission objective and these guys aren't quiet. They will chase you on foot, in a vehicle because someone put a price on your head (maybe it was Wakakoa) who knows its up to you either fight it out or get the hell out.(modifié)

Time to meet : 
Enjoy multiplayer experience and see other players that travel NC.

I Believe i can fly :
Drive flying AV and ride the sky of NC !! 

The above events could royally screw your experience unless you like pain and give you a bad day, at worst you would be sitting in the gutter, tears streaming down your face screaming Why Why Me, well hell why not, has be someone don't it? Neither IRP nor its staff accept any liability whatsover if you fail to find the TOGGLE TO TURN EVENT's OFF! did I mention there is toggle to turn off events? it's under the tools menu you can make your own way from there.

Well thats all she wrote ( I'm just the proof reader) Have fun and watch your back.(modifié)

Online Disclaimer :
IRP mod have online functionalities. You communicate with IRP Server and exchange data. I care a lot about privacy so I store NOTHING about your computer or you internet information. Only mod related data (login, password, list of datapack, list of content) are send to the server.
I don't care about your data and i respect your privacy before anything. 

We design our server and online functionalities to be Europe's RGPD Compliant. You have the right to ask us to delete any information about you and also get any information that we have about your account. We do not store personal things (as name or address)
List of thing that we store and related to the player :
-Hash of password (we don't know your password)
-Avatar used
-List of friend nickname
-Position in game and rotation in game
-Time of last synced position


.16 Update : 
I rewite all and make IRP more friendly and modulable. It take times but after 200+ snapshot and version (real !) for testing, here we are !
I consider this version as fondation update. It will be the base for a lot of thing in future (who said Corpo Wars System ?) and I put all of my energy into it !
But First, some thanks : 
- Hardkopy, who is now an part of the Team, to support me and my madness and help me about testing and improve mod. Without him, lot of things didn't exist.
- ddxover, who have do the server and multiplayer part. Without him, IRP multiverse didn't exist. Say hello to him, he join the team !
- My fellow testers, who have been beaten and take bug into their faces.
- All of the modders and CET team who help me an lot in the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Community Discord. (special thanks to psiberx, who answer me about any question I ask)
- All of the people on the IRP discord and Nexus, thanks for support us ! 
Full Changelog : 
- Added Path/Node/Circuit system : custom race and programmed locomotion(metro, train,av) is possible now ! Check futur custom pack about it !
- Added Delamain Taxi service in phone, call delamain, choose an destination and taxi will drive you too.
- Housing system for custom place. You can add, move and remove items in an custom place. Make your home an sweet home !
- Added Keystone Web Browser, your new place to manage mod content. Go to any PC and the windows will open.
- Rework script system and add a lot of action and trigger.
- Rework ambush system
- rework sound system
- Your progression,affintiy, and all is now related to your save. Each save have his IRP save.
- added IRP Framework, an exe that launch at Game Start and enable the communication with IRP Server fro multiplayer, mod management and datapack management.
You can download and manage a lot of things here : 
- Datapack : 
Download, Update or remove any datapack from IRP server. 
Including some datapack : 
* Metro and train datapack (you can take metro or train through Nith City)
* ambush
* radio 
* Race
* Crew Management
* Housing
* World Quality of life(invite judy to take an beer or go to sleep to your home :P)
and lot of content. Theses datapack are the official one provided by our team. 
They can be updated in futur to add more !
- Mod
Now future Update of IRP will be available here. You just have to click on the BIG RED BANNER AT TOP to update the mod directly in game then reload CET. No need special things to do !
- Take Mission from online server : 
An tons of mission will be available in the server, choose one then download it and play it!
- Buy/Sell stock Option in Exchange Hub
You can buy araska stock option or sell it online. More to come about it !
-Buy/Sell Furnitures
You can buy and sell furnitures and use them into housing system.
- Added Editor Windows under tools menu, now you can make in game  : 
-Custom Mission : make your own mission
-Custom Interact : make your own interact 
-Custom Dialog : make your own dialog
-Custom Fixer : make your own fixer
-Custom Place and housing for an custom place : make your own custom place and housing
-Custom Function : make your own function
-Custom Faction : make your own faction 
-Custom Radio (you need to add manually your mp3 to your datapack "song" folder) : make your own custom radio
-Custom Node : make your own special location for locomation
-Custom Circuit : make your own circuit (an bunch of node connected together
-Custom Path (and test it !!) : make your own custom path to make an path for an entity
-Custom Language : make your own translation of the mod or datapack
-Custom Event : make your own event (ambush, world event)
then you can wrap it into an folder and zip it. Share your zip to community so they can play with your own content. Yes, you can make your own story and share it !
- Added Multiplayer : Connect to IRP Multiverse and you will see the 5 players around you through Night City. They have an avatar of an character of the game(as you) and are tagged are friend so help you if you are attacked. For now you only see them move.
- Added Flying AV : YES ! You can drive flying AV that was impossible to drive before ! and yes ! it's work ! You can buy the only available AV (for now) at...
Disclaimer :
IRP mod have online functionalities. You communicate with IRP Server and exchange data. I care a lot about privacy so I store NOTHING about your compute. Only mod related data (login, password, list of datapack, list of content) are send to the server.
I don't care about your data and i respect your privacy before anything. 

Do Not use Vortex to install this mod, Install manually Only
Vortex is not and never will be supported.!

Install All Nexus and Offsite requirements prior to installing the mod

make sure you have installed all requirements
-Drag and drop bin from Immersive Roleplay archive into Cyberpunk 2077 folder.

For Download content :
-Activate any pc in game, a Keystone window will open
-If the title bar is red, it means update. Click this to update the mod
-Reload mods with CET after updating.
-Download your preferred data and mission packs from Keystone
-Open the Datapack Manager from Tools Options Tab in the Main Quest Window on the left hand side of your screen.
-Enable the data and mission packs you have downloaded
-Close the datapack manager and reload mods with CET

How multiplayer will work in :

You can enable multiplayer in IRP menu.
then choose an avatar (that represent you in other's game) and an Tag(nickname)
choose your friend tag then enable multiplayer.

Your mate will spawn as the avatar he choose and his position will be sync in your game. He must tag you as friend in his game for see you too.
The npc that represnt your friend will be tagged as friendly npc in game and draw weapons if someone attack you.

You can see for now 5 other players around you. it will be maxed out in futur

For now it's kind of smart Ghost friend multiplayer. But in future, i plan do add synced mission (custom or maybe original) and enemy.

Also you will have in futur version an mode for show every player who are online and in an range of 100 in your position (so it will bring a life to city)

keep that for now :
- car is not synced (but it's planned)
- if you go too far of your mate, it will disappear


I have provide a tool for generate Quest (see in files section)

I created this mod as a Framework that people can make their own mission pack and share it with the community. I really hope that someone will do it, as I do. But, I already say, I have a newborn at home and my "gaming time" is limited so I can't generate quickly a lot of quest with no bugs.

I will make a way to have a proper location for Kill and Escort. This is my first priority because it will make my mod playable.

For this, I will introduce for each Districts 30 Point of Interest (POI).

It will be the "good location for missions". So several missions can be in the same POI. It will take a lot of time because it require for me to select each POI on the map and take his location. So I need, for each of 6 Districts used in my mod, to determine 30 POI. It will make 180 POI where missions can take place. 

If the community want to help, you can give me the POI you want to see include in the mod by PM or in this thread, in reply to this comment.
As you know, my mod (like some other mods) give you the position of your player (X Y Z).
So go to a place you want and give me the X Y position and the district with a small description.

For example : 

Place : Near from Judy house 
X : -865
District : Watson

It's important to give me the good District because it will determine some parameters for the mission.

More POI I have, more generated quest will be created and more content will be added. I really hope that people can help me by providing POI of their own. When you explore Night City, think about a place you want that something happens. Give it to me and I will make something happens. That's the goal of my mod.

Thank you for support my mod. I really enjoy all of your comment. I love this game and his universe and I really want to make it bigger. 

REPORT ANY BUG IN THE BUGS SECTION, MORE YOU REPORT, THE MORE THE MOD WORKS (give me the mod version, the contract number and the location is possible)