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A simple Quest Mod with custom quest pack support

Permissions and credits
This mod is heavily WIP. Lots of things may not work as intended.

This is my first mod ever. Be indulgent.

(and I'm French with imperfect English, so sorry for the grammar)

A simple Quest Mod with custom quest pack support.

Requires Cyber Engine Tweaks,
3 types of Contract: 
- Kill Contract (Go to a specific location, kill the spawned NPC, escape the location area and press the Valid Contract key )
- Escort Contract (Take a target from a start location and escort him to an end location)
- Explore Contract (Go to a specific location, very cool way to explore the city)

You choose a type of Contract, then you need to complete it.
You will be rewarded with money only, for now.

Changelog :
Updated to 0.12
- Add Delamain escort mission (need to be in Delamain car) For valid a contract, look the escort npc in a delamain car at the good place
- Added ambush gang system. If you are in a district who is hostile to you, you can have a gang ambush avery 5 minutes with random enemies count
- Added gang Companion system, if you target a NPC who is Gang Friendly to you, you can ask him/her to be your companion.
- Added more spawnable Enemy type (male or female)

Updated to 0.11
- Fix NPC type
- Mox is a Gang , Rivals is Tyger
- Scavenger is a Gang, Rivals is Maelstrom
- Add localization language support (see optional file)

Faction / Rivals
6thStreet / Valentinos
TigerClaws / Mox
VoodooBoys / Animals
Valentinos / 6thStreet
Maelstrom / Scavengers

Updated to 0.10
- Introduce Gang Wars System

When you didn't take any contract, you can see your Gang Relation.

When you finish a kill contract, depending of the faction target, it will decrease the target gang affinity for you and increase the rivals gang affinity for you.

When you see gang crew in stree :
- if your affinity is friendly for this faction, they will not be aggressive on you and help you if you are attacked.

-If your affinity is Hostile for this faction, they will attack you directly.

Faction / Rivals
6thStreet / Valentinos
TigerClaws / Maelstrom
VoodooBoys / Animals
Valentinos / 6thStreet
Maelstrom / TigerClaws

Mox doesn't have Rivals (for now, I'm working on it)

NCPD doesn't have Rivals (for now, I'm working on it)

Updated to 0.9.6
- Fix Padre doesn't Spawn

Updated to 0.9.5
- Add Pin on the map (FInally !! Thanks to psiberx !)
- Add Dialog support
- Add better spawn method for NPC



JSON custom mission pack : 

Unpack the missionpack ZIP into Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\quest_mod\json\mission

That's means people can make their own custom missions packs.(See Readme in DOCS section)
I have provide a tool for generate Quest (see in files section)

For now , things that dont work:
See Bugs Section

Working : 
- Escort Contracts
- Explore Contracts
- Kill Contracts
- Custom Mission Pack
- Custom Dialog Support
- Gang Wars (Choose a Faction and the more quests you do for that faction, the more points you earn. But be aware of the rivals Faction. They will attack you.)

How Kill Contracts work ?
Go to the Contract location, enemies will spawn.
When you finish to kill them, go out of the area (5 streets away ) and press the Valid Contract key (can be setup in CET Hotkey Menu)

Current Planning : (Last Updated : 24/02/2021)


I have provide a tool for generate Quest (see in files section)

I created this mod as a Framework that people can make their own mission pack and share it with the community. I really hope that someone will do it, as I do. But, I already say, I have a newborn at home and my "gaming time" is limited so I can't generate quickly a lot of quest with no bugs.

I will make a way to have a proper location for Kill and Escort. This is my first priority because it will make my mod playable.

For this, I will introduce for each Districts 30 Point of Interest (POI).

It will be the "good location for missions". So several missions can be in the same POI. It will take a lot of time because it require for me to select each POI on the map and take his location. So I need, for each of 6 Districts used in my mod, to determine 30 POI. It will make 180 POI where missions can take place. 

If the community want to help, you can give me the POI you want to see include in the mod by PM or in this thread, in reply to this comment.
As you know, my mod (like some other mods) give you the position of your player (X Y Z).
So go to a place you want and give me the X Y position and the district with a small description.

For example : 

Place : Near from Judy house 
X : -865
District : Watson

It's important to give me the good District because it will determine some parameters for the mission.

More POI I have, more generated quest will be created and more content will be added. I really hope that people can help me by providing POI of their own. When you explore Night City, think about a place you want that something happens. Give it to me and I will make something happens. That's the goal of my mod.

Thank you for support my mod. I really enjoy all of your comment. I love this game and his universe and I really want to make it bigger. 

REPORT ANY BUG IN THE BUGS SECTION, MORE YOU REPORT, THE MORE THE MOD WORKS (give me the mod version, the contract number and the location is possible)