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Improved response curve for controller, better braking, better turning angle, better acceleration.

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Responsive Handling mod has few features which takes into consideration:

  • Controller response is set to 1-1 response, for both steering and speed. Now you can make finer adjustments at lower input.
  • Turning angle is boosted at max input to give you better curvature for turn in. Useful for keyboard and mouse users.
  • Minimum force for acceleration and braking isn't changed, but give you more deacceleration at higher speeds, and you reach top speed earlier than usual.
  • Modification are made for both cars and bikes.

I have tested this mod with my SC. SC has smaller trigger range than a XBOX controller. I'm hoping you would be having better response than I am having.

Goes without saying, kb/m user will benefit from this mod. I play this game on kb/m myself as I broke my XBOX controller. Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't natively supports SC.

Please endorse this mod if you find it useful

INSTALLATION: COPY basegame_responsiveHandling.archive to <gamefolder>\archive\pc\patch.

Delete the file to UNINSTALL