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You will finally see the drinks you saw in advertisements around the city! In HD with new meshes.

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This mod enhances the textures and models of the cans, it also adds missing models such as Naranjita, which you can see in many advertisements but never actually encounter the drink or can itself. This mod changes that, in addition to improving the models, you'll see the citizens of Night City consuming these new beverages, as seen in the images. Some things are still missing, like the model for Tea, Coffee, Bottles, etc. In the following days, I will update with those as well.

The aim of the mod is to restore all the beverages that appear in advertisements or vending machines, as the game only shows about 4 models for around 30 beverages or so. As I said, all designs and models are based on the game icons both for objects inside and some discarded but found in the icon files. So this mod is "Lore friendly" and how the game it was supposed to be from the beginning.

New models and texture for:
- Chromanticore Classic.
- Chromanticore Lima.
- Chromanticore Carnival.
- Cirrus Cola Classic.
- Cirrus Cola Corn and Lemon.
- Cirrus Cola Blood Breeze.
- NiCola Classic.
- NiCola Blue.
- NiCola Sakura.
- NiCola Fire.
- NiCola Mojito.
- NiCola Japan.
- Naranjita Classic.
- Naranjita Zero.
- Spunky Monkey.
- Spunky Monkey Mint.
- Tiancha.
- Tiancha Kumquat.
- Tiancha Pomegranate.
- Tiancha Pomelo.
- Real Water Still.
- Real Water Sparkling.
- Matapang Coffee.
- Matapang Coffee Decaf.
- Matapang Coffee Red.
- Vita-Mine.
- More in coming. Work in progress.

- Download and install No Paper Bags but NOT his requeriments. Only CET but you already got this probably. (Credits to JohnsonsStuff)
- Download my mod and let overwrite everything.

Working perfect with Idle Anywhere (Deceptious). Video example:

If you like my work, thank you very much! And if you feel like it, you can support me by buying me a coffee just once here:


Classic Cigarettes (HD cigarettes and ashtrays)

Stoners of Night City! (Classic Joint replacer for cigarettes)