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Now you can call almost all cars.

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Important Note
A new vehicle spawn mod released which is better method than this mod.

You'd better to use it hereafter. (This mod will be no more use so it won't update after 1.2 patch)


There are so many vehicles and variants in this game, but only a few of them can be purchased by the player.
This mod enables to call almost all drivable vehicles.(Urban/Suburban/Poor classes, Gang liveries, Utility trucks and Police cars)

Required mod
Cyber Engine Tweaks

Recommended mod
Appearance Menu Mod ; Change colors quickly
CITY H4CK ; Unlock some locked vehicles

1. BACK UP FIRST your original "tweakdb.bin" in Cyberpunk2077\r6\cache
     If you forget to backup original file, I don't take any responsibility

2. Copy modded "tweakdb.bin" to Cyberpunk2077\r6\cache

How to use
There're 2 ways to spawn added vehicles.

1. Enable all vehicles at once
Open CET's console and type below.
But this also may unlocks all default purchasable vehicle.


2. Enable specific vehicle (recommended)
If you want to purchase default vehicles, you'd better to enable specific vehicle.
Open CET's console and type below. 

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle("VEHICLE_NAME", true, false)

VEHICLE_NAME field will contain the name of the vehicle.
You can search vehicle's name from vehicle's name list as optional file.
Example for police car;

Game.GetVehicleSystem():EnablePlayerVehicle("Vehicle.v_standard2_villefort_cortes_police", true, false)

#Colors are random. It'll shuffled again when the game is reloaded(fast travel or load save). If you want to change color quickly, try Appearance Menu Mod.
#Some vehicles are locked and can't ride because of they spawn as object. You may unlock by using CITY H4CK.

1. Of course you can't use any other mods with modded "tweakdb.bin" at same time.
2. AVs doesn't include. Because they're not drivable vehicles.
3. Game update patch will break this mod every time. So please wait for update this mod.

Thanks to Yamashi  as Cyber Engine Tweaks author
And all Cyberpunk 2077 Discord Mod Channel community