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Fully customizable and interchangeable MILITECH Outfits for Male and Female V.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Militech Mercenary Modular

Thank you for choosing us for all your tactical equipment. There are over 400 possible combinations to suit your mission needs.

Browse photos for more details on specific items and feel free to post in comments if you have any questions. 

All optional files can be used as STANDALONE options and do not require the main file for use.

All items are for MALE and FEMALE unless stated otherwise. Some files in the download section are separated based on sex. Download ones that are labeled accordingly.

Please refer to all photos for more details in regards to gear combinations, textures or pouch configurations. Not all pouch configurations are always shown and may have to look at other items for details.

Numbering below correspond with associated file to download (No number means it is included in main file)


Main Modular File

1 & 2 - For a standard configuration with standard textures and for the MILITECH Gloves (Gloves replace gorilla arm cyberware). See included readme and photos for more details. See below for what items are for which slot. 


These are singular .archive files that have been custom designed by users that I then create or they are designs that I have made.

They are not compatible with modular options except for glove files. You must remove all other modular files before using one.

Some may have invasive options such as items permanently being on your character or hairstyles permanently assigned/removed when wearing headwear item. Refer to the readme in the files for details.

You can only have 1 Custom Configuration installed at a time

All custom configurations come AS IS and will not be modified


Head Slot

Headset (In main file only/Male Only)
3 - MILITECH Helmet
4 - MILITECH Light Helmet
5 - Balaclava
6 - Headset Improved
38 - Tactical Cap

Balaclavas come in black for males and females. Additional textures are male only

Headsets comes in black or green

All Head slot items will hide you hair (Main file headset alters it)

Headset in main file uses a different item code

Tactical Cap comes in 1 color. Has a small headset attached to it

All other items use the same item code and only one can be used at a time.


Face Slot

Standard Collar (In main file only)
7 - Headset with a collar 
8 - Headset with a balaclava
9 - Tactical Glasses with Headset
9 - Tactical Glasses with Open Mask
9 - Tactical Glasses with Balaclava
10 - Helmet with Balaclava
11 - Helmet with Headset
12 - Enforcer Gas Mask
35 - Ranger Goggles and Gas Mask
35 - Ranger Goggles and Headset 
35 - Ranger Googles and Balaclava
37 - Gas Mask and Balaclava 
39 - Visor with Headset 
39 - Visor with Scarf 
39 - Visor with Balaclava 
40 - Scarf with Tactical Glasses 
40 - Scarf with Headset 

All Headsets come in black or green

Collars come in black or a MILITECH color scheme

All Balaclavas comes in black color for males and females. Additional textures are male only

All Tactical Glasses are black framed with either black or yellow lenses

Ranger Goggles are black only (red lights do not work currently)

Open mask is black only

Enforcer gas mask comes with a black or green headset

All Face Slot items will NOT change or hide your hair

Visors have two different version. Visor 1 the text on screen scrolls down, Visor 2 it scrolls up

Scarfs come with 3 different textures

All use the same item code and only one can be used at a time. 


Outer Torso Slot

MILITECH Vest (Standard texture and configurations in main file)
13 - MILITECH Vest Retextures (Male only)
14 - MILITECH Vest Configurations (Changes some of the pouches associated with standard vest. Included are retextures for males)
15 - MILITECH Armor Vest
16 - MILITECH High Collar Body Armor
17 - MILITECH Aramid Body Armor
18 - Prototype MILITECH Enforcer Trench Coat (Male only)
36 - MILITECH Ranger Standard Vest 

All Vests use 1 or 2 additional tactical items to include back pouch, back radio, front radio, radio pack, and pistol mags.

Armor Vest comes in black or green and an option for no additional tactical items

Body armor utilizes the additional rifleman configuration

Vests and body armor all utilize the same code. Only 1 can be used at a time.

Enforcer trench coat comes with no additional pouches or an option for a back pouch or radio pack

Enforcer Trench Coat uses a different item code. 

Ranger Vest adds in 3/4 sleeves as seen on NPCs. Done at the cost of an extra pouch

Ranger Vest is black for male and female. Additional Textures are male only

Ranger Sleeves will clip severely with Standard shirt and Tactical Shirts (tank top advised)


Chest Slot

Militech Shirt (Standard shirt in the main file Male only)
19 - MILITECH Shirt Retextures (Male only)
20 - MILITECH Tactical Shirt 
21 - Enforcer Undershirt (Male only)

30- Tech Tank Top (Male Only) 
31 - Tactical Tank Top (Male Only) 

Standard shirt and shirt retextures all use the same item code and only 1 can be used at a time

Tactical shirt and shirts labeled as ALT use the same item code and only 1 can be used at a time

Tech Tank top comes with a left or right arm option

Tech Tank Top has minor clipping in 1st person when looking at feet

Tactical Tank top comes with 8 different addition pouches/gadgets or with no additions

Tech Tank top and Tactical Tank Top with additions use same item code

Tactical Tank Top with no additions uses a different item code


Legs Slot

Pants (Found in main file standard configuration and texture)
22 - MILITECH Pants Retextures (standard pant configuration with different textures)
23 - MILITECH Pants Configurations 1 (different pouch configurations and all textures)
24 - MILITECH Pants Configurations 2 (different pouch configurations and all textures)
25 - MILITECH Pants Retextures only (retextures of Neotac pants with no addition pouches)
32 - MILITECH Light Pants (Male Only) 
34 - MILITECH Ranger Pants (Male Only) 

Standard configuration of the pants has 2 rifle magazine pouches on belt line

Pants Configurations 1 use different pouches on the belt line with combinations of pistol mag, rifle mag, and large pouches

Pants Configuration 2 use different pouches on the belt with a flashlight and rifle mag or the Rifleman configuration

Light Pants come in 6 different textures with all available pouch configurations or with no additional pouches

All pants use the same item code except for the retextures or no pouch versions

Due to strange clipping it is not advised to wear the Tactical Shoes with the Light Pants

Standard Shirt is not long enough to be worn with the Light Pants advise using Tactical/Tech Tank Top or Tactical Shirt

Ranger Pants come with the new half pant covers. Pant covers come in 2 textures labeled as Ranger 1 or Ranger 2. Pants themselves come in 4 textures

Ranger Pants have an added Rifle Mag or no Pouch Option


Feet Slot

Boots (standard boots with belt and pistol mag in main file)
26 - Boots Configurations (standard boots with belt and different accessories)
27 - Standard Boots no Belt (no option for pistol mag but all other accessories available)
28 - Light Boots (different model with belt and all pouch configurations)
29 - Light Boots no Belt (no option for pistol mag but all other accessories available)
33 = MILITECH Tactical Shoes

Optional Configurations include holsters or calf baton

All boots use the same item code and only 1 can be used at a time

Tactical Shoes come in Black Texture for male and female. Additional retextures are MALE ONLY

Tactical Shoes come with all available accessories (pistol mag, calf baton, holsters) and a no belt option

Due to strange clipping on ankles it is not advised to wear the Tactical Shoes with the Light Pants

Black tactical shoes will not clip with Standard Pants but Male Only MILITECH textures WILL HAVE MINOR CLIPPING

(Cyberware replacement)
Standard Gloves (Included in main file)
G1 - Fingerless Gloves

G2 - Fingerless Gloves Alternate

Standard Gloves included in main file (1 & 2) replace gorilla arm cyberware

Fingerless gloves (G1) will replace the PERSONAL LINK PORT.

Fingerless gloves come with an option for both hands or a Single glove on the left or right hand

Single gloves are designed to be used in conjunction with Arasaka Cyberarms mod
or any other single arm cyberware. 

Arasaka Cyberarms or any other cyber arm mod is not required for the fingerless gloves to work.

Fingerless gloves (G1) are WIP and slightly buggy when using cyberware. They may disappear in 1st person when using your arm cyberware. However, they reappear after. Also may disappear temporarily in 1st person after hacking/jacking in. Using your arm cyberware and switch back seems to fix this.

Fingerless gloves alternate (G2) will replace the weapon grip (smart-link/ballistic coprocessor)

Fingerless gloves alternate (G2) are less buggy than G1 in regards to hacking/jacking in. However, Minor clipping with standard (unmodded) gorilla arms.

Also when using (Meaning firing or wielding) the launcher or mantis blades the gloves will look a little odd and not aligned on your characters hand but will go back to normal after using.  


(Head or Face slot and Outer Torso Slot)

XX1 - MILITECH Heavy Tactical Vest 


In order for the vest to not clip in first person it must utilize the Face or Head Slot. I have included both variations for some compatibility with my other mods.

Come in 4 different textures (Only 2 available for females). 

Pouch configurations utilize combinations of Front Radio, Small Back Radio, Large Back Pouch, Raised Back Pouch, Pistol Mag, and FLashlight.
Refer to some of the pictures for all vest textures and some of the pouch configurations. NOT ALL CONFIGURATIONS SHOWN BUT ARE DETAILED AND LABELED IN THE MOD FILES. Use all various pictures as reference if confused or post in the comments.


Remove all old vest files before installing this one

Remove all Headsets, collars and/or Balaclava files as stated in the README


(Outer Torso Slot)

XX2 - MILITECH Heavy Tac Vest Pouch Configurations Part 2

These are for use with the EXPERIMENTAL MILITECH Heavy Tac Vest only. 

7 new configurations for use utilizing the Radiopack, new center back pouch and several combinations with pistol mags, flashlight and smaller radios.

Refer to photos for more details. Not all configurations shown but can be found in various other photos.


(Head Slot Only)

XX3 - Experimental Heavy Tac Vest (HTV) Large and Extra Large (Male Only)

A larger size to be worn over items such as body armor or enforcer trench coat. Head slot only for the time being.

Item code is included in the file only

Large size comes in 3 colors (See Pictures of Heavy Tac Vest for choosing) and the Extra Large comes in only 1 color (seen in photos on enforcer)


(Head or Face Slot and Outer Torso Slot)

XX4 - Tech Heavy Tac Vest (HTV) (Male only)

Vest uses the Head or Face Slot. Tech and gadgets use the Torso Slot

Comes in all available color options as the standard HTV (File XX1)

Included is a Readme with instruction and item codes.

Configurations come with the tech only or tech and 1 addition pouch or gadget

Not all textures or configurations are shown but associated items and textures can be found on various other photos

For more details refer to the original HTV description above

XX5 - Tech HTV with integrated tube configuration (Male only)

Please refer to Tech HTV (File XX4) for installation and use

Remove all Tech HTV attachment files before installing this one

Integrated the tubes from the Tech Shirt into the tech configuration at the cost of an addition pouch.

Left and Right arm options available

Tubes no longer hover off your arms in first person (see photos)

Can still use the new Tactical Tank Top for an additional pouch
(Outer Torso Slot)

XX6 - MILITECH Ranger HTV Configuration
For use with file XX1 Only

Incorporates the Ranger Sleeves onto the HTV Configurations at the cost of 1 less pouch.

Ranger Sleeves will severely clip with Standard shirt and Tactical Shirt (tank top advised)

Currently only 2 pouch configurations available consisting of sleeve with Back Pouch & Front Radio or Radiopack and Front Radio (Potentially More Will be made)

Remove old HTV configurations before using this one. Refer to HTV Readme in file XX1 for installation and item codes

(Outer Torso Slot)

XX7 - MILITECH Ranger TECH HTV Configuration (Male Only)

FOR use with file XX4 Only

Incorporates the Ranger Sleeves to the tech configuration at the cost of an addition pouch.

No additional pouches or variations present with this config due to slots being full.

Ranger Sleeves will severely clip with standard shirt and tactical shirt (tank top advised)



Read this section carefully to avoid conflicting items

-In most cases only 1 type of item can be used. For Example only 1 type of vest and 1 type of shirt. The only exceptions are if they utilize different item codes.

-Any vest, pants, Heavy Tac Vest Pouch configuration or boot that utilizes a Pistol Mag Configuration will conflict with one another if installed together. For example use only a vest with a pistol mag pouch and a pant and/or boot with another configuration

-Any vest, pant, or Heavy Tac Vest Pouch configuration that utilizes a flashlight will conflict as well (see previous entry)

-Body Armor Rifleman Configurations will conflict with pants that also use the Rifleman Configuration.

-Body Armor Rifleman Configurations will clip and interfere with all pants that utilize any pouch configuration and any boot that also has a pistol mag assigned to it. HIGHLY ADVISED you use a boot without pistol mags and the new pants with NO POUCH configurations or the standard ingame MILITECH Neotac Pants.

-All Pants that Utilize the Rifleman Configuration will clip and severely interfere with the Standard Vest, Armor Vest, and ALL vest pouch configurations with the singular exception of the Heavy Tac Vest and the associated Pouch Configuration that utilizes the Raised Pouch.  The Pants Rifleman configuration was included for whatever needs you may have with other in game items or from other mods

-Enforcer Trench coat will clip and obstruct all boot configurations that utilize the holsters. Boots with pistol mag or baton configurations seem to work just fine. Will also significantly clip and obstruct all pants pouch configurations with the exception of the dual side back pouches from the optional file Pants Configurations 1. 



Use only 1 corresponding type of archive file unless otherwise stated. For example, Only 1 "vest.archive" and "shirt.archive". Multiple of the same types will conflict and cause issues.

To install, place your desired .archive file or files into your "install directory"\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod 

If you do not have a "mod" folder. Create one

Add items via their items codes with the  Cyber Engine Tweaks console

Item codes (also included in file):

Militech Gloves (In main file)Replaces Gorilla Arms Cyberware

Collar (In main file)
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Tech_01_basic_01", 1)

Headset (In main file Male Only)
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Scarf_02_basic_01", 1)

Shirt (Male Only)
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Shirt_01_basic_01", 1)

Shirt 2 or shirts labeled as Alt(Male Only)
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Shirt_03_basic_01", 1)

Tactical Shirt
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Shirt_03_rich_03", 1)

Pants, Light Pants & Ranger Pants
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Pants_09_basic_01", 1)

Pant Retextures Only/Light Pants No addition
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Pants_15_basic_01", 1)

Boots / Tactical Shoes
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Boots_04_basic_01", 1)

All Vests & Body Armor
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Jacket_10_old_01", 1)

Headset Collar, Headset Helmet, Headset Balaclava, Helmet Balaclava, Tactical Glasses,  Enforcer Gasmask, Gasmask Balaclava, Ranger Goggle Combinations, Visor Combinations, & Scarf Combinations
 Game.AddToInventory("Items.Mask_02_basic_01", 1) 
Balaclava, Tactical Helmet, Light Helmet, Headset Improved, Tactical Cap
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Balaclava_01_basic_01", 1)

Enforcer Trench Coat
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Vest_11_basic_01", 1)   

Enforcer Undershirt
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Shirt_02_basic_01", 1)

Tech Tank Top & Tactical Tank Top
Game.AddToInventory("Items.Q005_Johnny_Shirt", 1)

Tactical Tank Top with No additions
Game.AddToInventory("Items.TShirt_01_basic_01", 1)


Notes and Known Issues

-Tactical Shoes have minor clipping with the bottom of the Standard Pants (See photos for reference)

-Light pants have strange clipping with the player model ankles if worn with the Tactical Shoes. Highly advised you wear the standard boots or light boots.

-The Tech gadgets for the Tech HTV don't show on your torso when in first person and staring like a weirdo at your belly but the decals will. Radio's and other tactical items will. Doesn't really matter as the vest doesn't show either so even if I fixed it the tech would still float and not be anchored to anything. 

-Tech Tank top has minor clipping from the tubes in first person when looking down at your feet. In addition, when wielding certain weapons or certain animations the tubes my not be centered on your arms. (Currently WIP for a fix)

-Enforcer Trench Coat has minor first person clipping while weapon is drawn/holstered but ONLY when looking at your feet. See photos for details

-Enforcer undershirt can sometimes show black stripe/flame decals on the sleeves depending on how the light hits your character. You may notice it in the inventory screen but in first person and photo mode it disappears. It is the exact same texture as the one used in the game and if you look at the NPCs carefully they do seem to have this problem as well. Very minor and is something I am looking into for a fix.
-The Tactical Glasses with the open mask or the Balaclava may clip with your characters ears and jawline depending on options used during character creation.

-Rifleman Pouch configurations do not show MILITECH decals. They do not exist for that specific pouch configuration

-Center Back Pouches for the Heavy Tac Vest configurations will hover slightly off your character back. Very noticeable on females.

-Due to the way the textures are labeled the Female Boots that come with a camo holster will sometimes be the green holster and the Green Holster will actually be the camo holster. Sorry for the confusion. It still will work as needed just have to use the other file for the color you want. Sort of a pain at the moment to fix this but its on the list

-Some decals on pouches do not show up on females. Unable to fix currently.

-Most other long sleeve shirts in game will likely have their sleeves missing when worn under the vest and any file that utilizes the item ("Items.Jacket_10_old_01", 1). T-shirts and tank tops are unaffected. (Looks Kind of cool when used with a netrunning suit)

-Headset in Main File appears to only work with shaved hair cuts. (Fixed with new optional files)

-Minor clipping while in third person on the shirt if used in conjunction with many of the gorilla arms mods from various authors on Nexus

-On occasion, when using the vest with the radio backpack configuration, during random vaulting or certain maneuvers you may see the radio antenna on the left hand side of the screen. Very rare and not immersion breaking

-Radio backpack is not flush with the character body and is hovering just slightly off your back. 

Final Notes

If a file is labeled as Male Only that means that a female version is not possible due to issues such as no textures for female or the model doesn't work

For Arasaka Gear gear:

Check out VigoorianFlail's mod:

Some of my work is also published there