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Realcolorr III is an advanced color solution bringing hyper-natural hues, balanced tones, and neutral contrast without looking flat. Formulated with AgX picture formation.
Not ReShade-based, this is an in-game LUT.

Open alpha preview.

Permissions and credits

NOTICE: Realcolorr is provided as-is and as in-development alpha content. Requests and feedback may be considered, but know that there is no warranty or guarantee that it will be implemented. Thank you for understanding.

Realcolorr Ⅲ is an advanced color solution bringing hyper-natural hues, balanced tones, and neutral contrast without looking flat. Formulated with AgX picture formation.

Not a ReShade-based effect. This is an in-game LUT, and thus, will work without any other software and integrates into the game seamlessly. This also means that if there's any other LUT mod in your load order, it will most likely cause a conflict and neither Realcolorr Ⅲ nor the mod in question will work as intended.

As is for every one of my mods, the screenshots and video sections are entirely open—I don't need to approve any of your submissions. If you could upload anything cool you made with Realcolorr Ⅲ, it would be absolutely wonderful! It always makes my day!

INFO: Realcolorr Ⅲ, like Neon Genesis, is made for calibrated gamma settings. If the contrast looks too low or high, change your gamma. My recommendation is an interval between 0.9–1.2; anything more or less will start to deviate from the initial vision too drastically.

NOTE: HDR is supported, but very experimental. Report any issues, and use these settings:
  • Maximum luminance: 1 000 cd/m²
  • Tone mapping mid-point: 1.0
Will be added in a later update. Experimental nature and recommended settings will remain the same when released.


  • Balanced color saturation,
    The sky is a pleasant blue, sunlight an unforgettable marigold.
  • Natural contrast curve,
    Dark areas are dark, but blacks don't look crushed. Highlights are bright, but don't easily clip—and even when they do; there's detail left.
  • Lifelike hues,
    Red and green shift to warmth; blue stays cold, but doesn't shift to violet.
  • Perceptually correct brightness,
    Brightness isn't perceptually uniform, but is perceived as 'right' for the scene. Best proven when you try it.
  • Well-balanced exposure.
    Infrequent highlight blowouts and black crush.

…and much more.

Details & Specifics

Current version:  Ⅲ (α)


Neon Genesis interoperation, along with other lighting mods like it that include an integrated lut (e.g. GITS) is supported, but Realcolorr Ⅲ must load afterwards. Because the .archive file for Realcolorr Ⅲ is prefixed with a tilde ('~'); it will automatically load after nearly everything. Please report if this integrated fix doesn't work in the Posts section.

This load order detail might also allow automatically overwriting other LUT mods (e.g. Nova LUT) automatically, but it's still good practice to get rid of other related mods before installing this one.

All mods that edit the master ENV file should continue working as intended with Realcolorr Ⅲ without issues. (e.g. EW, AWV, NCLM, etc.)


My own screenshots (the ones unmarked), are taken with Neon Synthesis, an as-of-yet unreleased spin-off of Neon Genesis with only its post-processing component—as well as improvements upon it. Some shots included are also taken with Neon Synthesis, they'll be marked as such.

Talk to me over at the…

This is the easiest way to reach me. I now have a dedicated channel! It's #null-morb-land, so if you have anything to say regarding Realcolorr Ⅲ or any of my other mods like Neon Genesis, feel free to join and talk. You'll also be able to have input on my new projects and get insider info about them, along with technical details… or, better put: rants.

Also, one last thing. If you've made it this far, don't forget to endorse this mod and/or share it if you liked it. It really helps me out, along with the mod, and it's something I really appreciate.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice time in Night City!

Realcolorr © ⅯⅯⅩⅩⅣ is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0