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Get the glowing thermal Katana WITHOUT ANY MODS THAT CHANGE THE ARCHIVE FILES by save editing.

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Here's the quick guide on how to get the glowing thermal Katana WITHOUT ANY MODS THAT CHANGE THE ARCHIVE FILES. 

Please Back up the save file before editing

- The Glowing thermal Katana model acts as a weapon skin in-game just like you can get military, neon, and pimp variant of different firearms. Apparently the glowing model is stored as the military variant, you can change ANY katana into the glowing thermal katana by replacing the skin in your save. Should also work for console players since it's just save editing.

- You will need PixelRick's save editor, there are guides on nexus and youtube on how to use the editor
- link to download the editor PixelRick/CyberpunkSaveEditor · GitHub

- To get the glowing katana, you need to First get the katana you want in game (it can be any katana you want ), put it in a car stash and save. 
- Open the save editor, find the savefile that contain the katana and open it.

-Then click on inventory Tab to find your katana in the editor (your katana name will be different)

- Find ''Slot/mod data"", ''item_id:w_katana_grip'' and change the ''unknown string'' to military to get the glowing thermal katana. Then you can add a constant ""ThermalDamage""

- IF you want to add the additional heat distortion effect (additional visual effect such as heat distortion can not be stacked with other constants that also have visual effect on the blade such as "ElectricalDamage'' and ChemicalDamage" only the first damage type constant will apply the visual effect on the blade). Physical damage constant willnot conflict with additional effects, because there is no visual effect on the blade that is linked to physical damage constant. Only put electric and chemical damage after Thermal damage if you want the heat distortion effect. If you want a glowing thermal blade with electric arks then put electric damage first.

- The “Add Constant” function might not show up for some low quality weapons, upgrade the weapon or change it to a higher quality one will solve this issue.

- Save, load and enjoy your thermal katana.

Special thanks to PixielRick for creating the editor and the CP77 modding tool discord for being a awesome community.