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SAMURAi ReShade delivers a true, natural next-gen look for Cyberpunk 2077. Enhancing the visuals to a higher level, without any bullshitting promises. This is the way, Cyberpunk 2077 is intended to be played.

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SAMURAi ReShade is finally out!
This is the preset, that delivers true graphical advancements.
Without any false promises or misleading descriptions.

What you see, is what you get!

Color Correction will bring you crisp and clear looks.
Well dosed Sharpening will enhance the beautiful world.
Additional Contrast will deliver a true gritty experience.

Correct Color (PD80)
Lightroom (qUINT)
Chromatic Aberration (PD80)

Border: NUM /

Make sure that these ingame options are set to this:

DLSS: "Quality"
Film Grain: "Off"
Chromatic Aberration: "Off"

1. Install ReShade 4.8.2
2. Download the SAMURAi Preset from here
3. Put the Preset where the game.exe is located
4. Start the game 
5. Open ReShade menu and select "SAMURAi_ReShade_1.0"


Inside the download, you will find a second ReShade Preset.
This Preset gives you the NOIR experience!
Every shader was edited for this additional preset.
Play Cyberpunk 2077 in a brand new way!
Dark, gritty and visually enhanced.

Find me on Discord!

Got questions? Wanna chat?
You will find me on the DIGITAL DREAMS Discord-Server:

Use this preset ONLY with ReShade version 4.8.2!
Earlier versions of ReShade seem to have troubles with newer presets.
ReShade version 4.8.2 can kinda be wonky.


"Will these cost some FPS?"

Yes, don't let any one bullshit you on this.
Every ReShade Preset with certain Shaders will have an impact on the game.
The more you enhance and add, the more it will cost you frames.
If you don't want less FPS... don't use ReShade.

"How do i use this?"

Sorry, I will not give a ReShade Tutorial to everyone, who has never worked with it.
There are dozens Tutorials on YouTube and Discord.
Once you now the drill, it's quite easy ;)

"If you add/remove this shader.."

Well, good for you.
You are always invited to create and upload your own Preset.
This is the Preset I wanted to make.
If you don't like it, there are hundreds more on Nexus.

"Can i work on some shaders of this Preset?"

Of course.
You can change stuff how you like, I can't do anything about that anyway.
Just don't reupload it and name it your Preset.

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