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This is a collection of cyberarms that replace gorilla arms for female V.

Permissions and credits
Huge thanks and credit to Pantariste who found these meshes and implemented them in the game initially. 

As you can see there are a lot of color variations available, and although only one can be installed at a time, I will be adding more as time goes on, as arms and spikes are treated differently. As new and better tools come out, this mod may be either made a lot better or extremely obsolete, or ideally some combination of the two. 

Install in your Cyberpunk install directory. 

Downloads are separate for each color as well as an all-in-one pack. Obviously only one can be active at one time. I can't really support / troubleshoot too much as I am fairly new to modding Cyberpunk, but feel free to join the modding discord (link below)

***Update 1***

-- Added Original Rita color scheme

***Update 2***

-- Added Non-Spiked Versions of all Color Variants.