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The 5% food buffs in 2.0 are so minor and disappointing that it made me not to use these items at all. For those who wants this gameplay feature back and more...

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This mod gives a stronger food buff for varying durations depending on the quality of the food, which has already been pre-selected by CDPR for each item but hidden from a player.

The buffs:
All food affect max hp +10%.
Common food duration is 20 minutes instead of 5, Uncommon 25, Rare 30.
All drinks affect stamina regen +20%
Common drinks duration is 15 minutes instead of 5, Uncommon 20, Rare 30.

Drunk hacker edition:
All alcohol drinks affect max ram +2, the more you drink the more ram you get!
All alcohol duration is 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

Also the mod now allows you to drop the alcohol(wow), you couldn't do that in the defaulty game. Check that now.

Gratitude to GamerGirl7 for an inspiration.

You need teh gaem first and teh bug in it to install the mod.

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