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Yes, this my immersive variant of Unlock Me The Mods. Yes, for a fee. For the people who imagined it to be like that.

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Can't unequip a mod? Welcome to the Cyberpunk'77 future. Well how to unequip a mod:
- visit a weapon shop
- sell a weapon
- a vendor will give you back all your attachments and the mods
- pay a fee 100 eddies if there was a mod in it
- buy back the weapon without mods
- continue to play
- You can disassemble a weapon to get the mods and attachments from it too.
- You can unequip sniper scopes(wow)
There is no fancy CET interface you get your stuff and pay the fee.

There will be even more sense in shops with:
Fair Prices - weapons_clothes_cyberware

Do not suffer having autosaves while shopping:
Autosave is Not Included

Gratitudes to McIrish76 for donations to upgrade my PC, to psiberx for making TweakXL load faster(otherwise it would be a pain to reload the game that many times) and to AyinApholion for an inspiration.

You need teh gaem first to install the mod.

Please, also take a look at my other mods, my profile.
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To support me with a donation<3.