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This mod changes Johnny Silverhand's voice to an AI version of the iconic Witcher, Geralt of Rivia.

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"What now, you saka scum?"

As mentioned in the description, the mod changes Johnny Silverhands voice to Geralt.

Phantom Liberty Included In Separate File.

There are common AI Voiceover issues such as:
  • high-pitched voices during emotinal dialogues (e.g., shouts)
  • Interjections (e.g., sighs) might be inaccurate. (But not all of them, I've checked some of the audios myself and they are correct sighs.)
  • Furthermore, Grunts are untouched.
  • Phantom Liberty audios may have some more issues cause I haven't personally checked the audio files, since i haven't played it yet but I'll get to it soon. (IF there is a problem.)

About Mikoshi and Blackwall: All of these audio files have been de-echo-ed and denoised by me to let the AI understand and mimic these dialogue's better and without interruptions, and overall results are much more clearer AI converted voice files.

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Credits to Zhincore and Mac12206 for helping with modding process. and Nerdy Rodent for Instructions for making an AI Voice Model.
and a huge thanks to Gaming House Community for their guide and codes about converting files