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Automatically equips/unequips a helmet/goggles of your choice when getting on/off a motorcycle.

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Introduces a feature similar to that seen in GTA IV and V where the player character equips/unequips a temporary motorcycle helmet when getting on/off a motorcycle.


This mod is compatible with any custom headgear or bike. Just make sure to follow the instructions below :)


If you'd like to use a custom item, then all you need to do is edit the config.json file located in Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweak\mods\AutoEquipMotorcycleHelmetsAndGoggles and replace the existing id with the id of your item. Or if you'd like to use multiple items:

"Item ID 1",
"Item ID 2",
"Item ID 3"

You can use Clothing Catalog to find item ids, and you can find the supported Equipment-EX slots below:



[ v1.7 ] Implemented a hotkey for toggling headgear and added support for multiple items
  [ v1.7.1 ]
Added debug prints
  [ v1.7.2 ] Added the Neko Hoon helmet as an option
[ v1.6 ] Transitioned to a purely Equipment-EX item system

  [ v1.6.1 ] Fixed motorcycle recognition bug
  [ v1.6.2 ] Fixed equip delay bug
[ v1.5 ] Transitioned to a purely visual item system
  [ v1.5.1 ] Added
debug prints
[ v1.4 ] Implemented Equipment-EX compatibility
  [ v1.4.1 ] Implemented custom vehicle compatibility
[ v1.3 ] Implemented separate handling for items and transmogs
  [ v1.3.1 ] Fixed nil value bug
  [ v1.3.2 ] Fixed item bug
[ v1.2 ] Added 45 new helmet and goggle options
  [ v1.2.1 ] Added the XRX Helmet as an option
  [ v1.2.2 ] Added 2 new helmet options
  [ v1.2.3 ] Fixed event bug
  [ v1.2.4 ] Added the CatEars Helmet as an option
  [ v1.2.5 ] Added the Neko Cyber-Helmet as an option
  [ v1.2.6 ] Fixed event bug
[ v1.1 ] Added transmog support
  [ v1.1.1 ] Fixed transmog bug
[ v1.0 ] Initial release