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Gear up choomba.
Weapons buy prices x0.25
Clothes buy prices x0.25
Cyberware sell and buy prices x2.5 (Take a look at ZiggyQ and the guy without arms, the cyberware is not a cheap thing)

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Again I have walked into a weapon shop and couldn't buy anything. If you don't use the shops, they are useless. Due to the price wall, you will never consider buying a weapon in CP77. The shops are a missing and forgotten element in this game. The mod aims to include them into your gameplay. To balance that out on the other hand we have the casual prices on cyberware. They are small like for children, to give them all the candies they want. In short, the CP77 prices makes no sense.
  • Weapons buy prices x0.25
  • Clothes buy prices x0.25
  • Cyberware sell and buy prices x2.5
With the offered mod you can buy ranged and melee weapons without losing all your money. And the clothes too. Vic installs 3 basic implants, and you suddenly owe him the 21k. The same was in the Edge Runners anime, where David was selling an implant for 10k. I wanted them to actually cost that much. Implants now will be priced realistically as if they were a complex product. Basic implants will be affordable. But now, if you install legendary cyberware into yourself, you're worth a lot. Enjoy being a walking bank =)

Also the prices on blueprints are lowered from x0.7 to x0.25 too.

Need more money? The Weapons ARE NOT brokenStock Market and News System.

Art by Aku 悪

You need teh gaem first to install the mod.

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