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New face textures for female V, a combination of different face textures blended into a new one

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Smashin Face
Cyberpunk Edition

This mod replaces the second skin slider with a new skin texture.
When I say new, I mean as "I took 3/4 different skin textures and blended them together" making a new unique skin for female V.

I plan to add more in the future, and once I am more comfortable with the workflow, I will start making and baking them from scratch.

But for now, it's fancy skin blends. Enjoy!

Clean version

This version has a more soft complexion.
Was made by blending Hanako, Rogue & Alt's face textures together.

Rugged version

This version has a more 'rugged' complexion, with extra scaring details and freckles.
This blend was made with Hanako, Rogue, Alt's & a random one I found in the files.
However, there is one 'issue' with this.. The scar detail is also on the normal map.
And since V has just one normal map, the scar detail will be visible with the other Skin sliders as well.
Personally, I think it gives it an extra charm to the other skin sliders, but I am aware not everyone may like that.
So thats why you either pick the clean version or this version.

Obvious not compatible with anything that replaces the second skin texture & the normal map!
I mean, technically you could use any normal map you desire but it may look different then.

Either use vortex or install manually by dropping the archive file at
"Steam\SteamApps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch"
Chances are that you don't have the patch folder inside pc, so just make one, and you're good to go.


Q: Can you-
A: Depends. I am fairy new in modding CP77, although I am not new in modding games.
Still dipping my feet into this scene here, but I do take suggestions for face textures/mixes atm.

Q: May I-
A: yes, you may use the mod for whatever you want to. Just link back or give credit.

Q: I would like to report a bug!
A: Please report any bugs in the bug section, so I will 100% see it.
(otherwise it may get lost in the comment section)

A round applause for
Rfuzzo for the CP2077 tools
 Dunmr for showing me the ropes, absolute stellar babe that you are <3
And the lovely community and overal support at the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding server

Tools of trade:
CP77 Tool
Photoshop + Intel DDS plugin

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