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First attempt to make V sound similar to Harrison Ford, for that Blade Runner feel!

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First iteration of the V Deckard voiceover mod, for that Blade Runner feel. I used clips of an older Harrison Ford to build the voice model, which is why it sounds generally more gravelly, and deeper. I will try and sample from the original Blade Runner movie if possible, so I can get it more accurate to his voice from the film.


I understand it doesn't sound exactly like Harrison Ford, sometimes less than normal. I'm guessing it could be chalked up to a mix of the AI trying to replicate how the original VA delivers lines, as well as just the AI itself -  you get some weird pronunciations, sounds, sounding more robotic at times, and even straight up bad when V get's emotional, but from what I can see, this is just par for the course as of right now with these mods; so please understand this going in. I do hope to improve this, make it sound closer to him, ideally closer to his younger voice. 

I will update the mod whenever possible, whether it be with a voice closer to the original film. or improvements in the technology.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy!