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Adds options in the key bind menu for keys that are not able to be bound by default.

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Adds options to the key bindings menu for the following commands:
  • Dodge (Disables double tap dodge in favor of a dedicated button, defaults to G because it wasn't being used for anything)
  • Slow Walk (Hold and use your normal movement keys to walk. Defaults to the "/" key)
  • Primary Action (Default F)
  • Secondary Action (Default R)
  • A bunch of UI Navigation Buttons
  • Allows the arrow keys to be used in bindings

I have taken efforts to make any(e.g. F, up, down, enter) key usable in bindings, but in some sections certain keys still can't be bound freely. The game has a lot of functions internally that can be bound independently so I attempted to keep bindings so that when you change one it changes throughout the game, but I may have missed some. If something can't be bound as you would expect it to let me know and I'll see what I can do.

To install copy into your "Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config\" folder overwriting the existing files (this should overwrite 3 files). To uninstall delete those files and use steam/GOG to verify integrity of game files.

  • Can I use this with double tap dodge instead of a dedicated dodge button?

There is an alternate version of the files available with double tap dodge enabled.

  • Can you add a holster weapon key?

Unfortunately not, the game has the functionality hard locked to double tapping the weapon wheel key

  • Can you make <button that needs to be held> into a toggle?

Unfortunately not, the config files this edits don't have a way to add a toggle button that the game does not already have

  • Why do the settings say "<NOT LOCALISED>"?

I don't have a way to add translation files and thus have to hard code the text to English, so the game displays this warning.

  • Can you add a key binding for <something that is not bound to a key in the base game>?

This mod only changes the key bindings menus to include things the game has buttons for but does not expose settings for. I can't add new functionality.

  • Can I include this mod in another mod?

This mod is in the public domain and may by used by anyone for whatever they please. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

  • Can I modify the walk speed?

Not with an in game setting, but in the InputUserMappings.xml file find the following lines and replace 1.4 with a value between 1 and 2.
 <mapping name="LeftX_Axis" type="Axis" >
<button id="IK_Pad_LeftAxisX" />
<button id="IK_A" val="-1.4" overridableUI="left"/>
<button id="IK_D" val="1.4" overridableUI="right"/>
<button id="IK_W" val="0" overridableUI="forward"/>
<button id="IK_S" val="0" overridableUI="back"/>
<button id="IK_Slash" val="0" overridableUI="slowWalk"/>
<mapping name="LeftY_Axis" type="Axis" >
<button id="IK_Pad_LeftAxisY" />
<button id="IK_W" val="1.4" overridableUI="forward"/>
<button id="IK_S" val="-1.4" overridableUI="back"/>
<button id="IK_A" val="-0" overridableUI="left"/>
<button id="IK_D" val="0" overridableUI="right"/>
<button id="IK_Slash" val="0" overridableUI="slowWalk"/>