Cult of the Lamb
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Automagically wins Knucklebones games for you.

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What it does
Instantly wins every Knucklebones game for you. Use it to get the Knucklebones achievements or to farm money, whatever you like.

You need to install BepInEx 5 in the game's directory before you can use this mod.
An installation guide can be found here.

After installing BepInEx and running the game at least once, you simply put hex7cd.cotl.autoknucklebones.dll into <Game Directory>/BepInEx/Plugins.
For example, the default Game Directory on Windows when using Steam is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cult of the Lamb.

To remove the mod, remove the file hex7cd.cotl.autoknucklebones.dll from <Game Directory>/BepInEx/Plugins.
If you want to remove BepInEx as well, remove the BepInEx folder, doorstop_config.ini, and winhttp.dll from <Game Directory>.