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The mod provides various tools for creativity, creating custom game situations and just for fun for Crysis and Crysis Warhead.

General features:
- Spawning vehicles, weapons, NPC, buildings?!, ...
- Expanded suit stats to be more powerful (balanced rather than overpowered)

Permissions and credits
Note: All elements in < > brackets need to be replaced by your values.


- Ability to spawn entities from game (weapons, vehicles, NPS, etc) with DebugGun.
- They are grouped into categories for ease of use ("From box" - US vehicles, Asian vehicles, weapons).
- Customizable entity list of predefined entities for spawn (Just modify array in <YOUR_GAME_FOLDER>/Mods/CreativeTools/Game/Scripts/SpawnEntityList.lua)
- A little changes in suit balancing: Armor x1.5, player health x2, slightly reduced power consuming in cloak and speed modes (You can disable in <YOUR_GAME_FOLDER>/Mods/CreativeTools/Game/autoexec.cfg).

How to use

Open console [~ key] and give debug gun by command i_giveitem DebugGun (case sensitive).

Available actions by debug gun:

 1. On "Fire" [Left mouse click]   - Spawn entity on debug mark, choose by current vale of index from entity list. (On start is 1)
 2. On "Zoom" [Right mouse click]     - Increment index and select next entity.
 3. On "Reload" [R key]- Increment category index and select next entity.
 4. On "Melee Attack" [T key]      - Show currently selected category and item to spawn.
 5. On "Change Fire Mode" [X key]     - Remove last spawned entity.
 6. On "Open chat menu" [Y key]- Try to find entity by name from console variable v_debugVehicle in entity list. On success select it for spawn. (You can set it from console by type v_debugVehicle <YOUR_VALUE>)

1. Download archive for your game (and choose mod version) for releases on GitHub.
2. Copy all archive content in your game directory.
3. Add run arguments to enable mod
   1. For Game Launchers (Steam, Origin, etc)
      1. Open Properties for your game in launcher
      2. Find run arguments and add -devmode -mod CreativeTools
   2. For other game versions
      1. Create (or modify) link of your game executable file for <YOUR_GAME_FOLDER>/Bin64/Crysis64.exe
      2. Add arguments -devmode -mod CreativeTools in your Target field of link (Example of adding argument)
4. Run game and enjoy!

Q: What versions of Crysis Warhead are supported?
A: Tested on Crysis Warhead (v., GOG)

Mod source repository:

Fix of start game on modern PC (Win10/11, AMD processor)

Other versions of mod
For Crysis
For Crysis Remastered