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Makes Single Player Campaign more challenging, balanced, realistic and fun. Play on Delta difficulty for best experience!

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Makes Single Player Campaign more challenging, balanced, realistic and fun.

What I have changed:

Koreans take more damage (doesn't effect Nanosuit Koreans). It was just crazy the amount of damage the Koreans could take.
Now headshots aren't the only way of killing them!!!

Nanosuit Koreans now harder to see in cloak mode. 

Koreans should throw more grenades now. 

Nomad can not carry a truck load of ammo anymore! He can carry 4x ammo for most weapons and utilities. 

No flashbangs. Did anyone use them anyway? I found they just got in the way and the animation for stunned Koreans didn't look to flash anyway in my opinion!

Alien troopers explosions halved to 200 (from 400).


Silencer: Only effects specific weapons and must be the right sized Silencer. I found it a bit weird that the Rifle Silencer could work on most guns even though they all have different barrel sizes. There is now a specific Silencer for the Scar the SMG and of course the Pistol. No Silencer for the AK47. This makes the game a lot harder and creates a reason for using the Pistol for Silenced kills. Remember the Tactical Attachment can be added to the bottom of your AK47 to quietly emobilise a enemy from a distance. The Ak47 won't be the only weapon you choose for every scenario anymore!

Sniper Scope: Can only be attached to Sniper weapons i.e The Gauss Riffle and The Sniper Riffle. No more snipeing enemy's with a Shot Gun!

Laser Aiming Module: No Laser Aiming Attachment for normal weapons. Still there for LAW, Mini-gun and Pistol. Unfortunately attaching the Laser module never effected your visibility in cloak mode even, though you can see the Laser for miles! I also thought the attachment looked a bit strange on the NPC's as their lasers are also visible for miles.

Vehicles: ITV fuel tanks now take two shots to catch alight rather then one.


AK47: No silencer, no Sniper Scope no Laser Aiming Module. Incendiary damage reduced from 150 to 104 (2x normal damage).

Scar: No Sniper Scope no Laser Aiming Module.

Shot Gun: No Assault Scope, no Sniper Scope no Laser Aiming Module. Nomad now takes twice the damage from Shot Guns.

DSG1 (Sniper): No Laser Aiming Module. Now has 6 shots in Clip (from 10). Because of the damage changes to Koreans now the sniper can take out some enemy's in one shot. Nomad takes increased damage from sniper fire. 

Hurricane (Mini-Gun): Damage increased, recoil decreased. There are now situations where using the Mini-Gun isn't a bad idea!

Soccom (Pistol): Clip decreased to 10 from 20. Thought it was a bit crazy having a Pistol clip that large! Can't be duel wielded anymore, this was removed because it doesn't really do anything, it doesn't increase your rate of fire like in Warhead. I found it annoying when picking up pistol's for ammo that it would always make Nomad duel them. You can't aim in duel and you will be using that feature a lot from now on.

Gauss Riffle: 4 shots per clip (form 5). Still the most powerful weapon in the game but because you can't carry as much ammo anymore you will still have to use other weapons when you run out of ammo!

SMG: No Sniper Scope no Laser Aiming Module.

Level Changes: In Core you will lose all of your Attachments and will have to find them again to use them. Some attachments you won't be able to find again!

Changes when playing on Hard or Delta.

Suit Recharge: Doesn't change for using the different suit abilities. This makes it so you are not penalised for using Strength or speed mode. 

Cloak mode: Uses up alot more suit energy. Makes certain situations favour the use off speed mode rather then Cloak mode. Cloak mode is still very effective jsut makes it so is is not the only suit mode you will use the whole game!


Put Delta_Maxium in the Mods folder in Crysis directory mine is \Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis. If there is no Mods folder than just create one!

Unistalation: Remove Delta_Mazium from Mods folder.

Known issues: Some in game texts are wrong at the moment. I know the cause of the problem I just don't have enough internet at the moment to upload the edited english.PAK file. I will attach this in a latter update.

Let me know if you find anymore issues or bugs and I will fix them in due time.
I have a mediocre computer ATM (hoping to get a new computer next year!) so if you have any cool screen shots of the mod then let me know and I will upload them!

Cheers Lochlanntt.