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Brings the Aliens from Warhead into Crysis 1 while still retaining the traditional blue ones at the same time.

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This may not be the first topic on the subject of the Warhead Aliens I know, but it is the first one that has some results.

Why's mine so special you say? How is mine different from simply taking the Warhead skins and applying them to Crysis 1?
Well, I'll tell you.
Mine is unique because it allows the Warhead ALiens to be used in Crysis 1, while at the same time still retaining the blue ones.

I was able to accomplish this by making a few tweaks to the Aliens.xml file in the EntityArchetype folder. There are in fact several different types of the Scouts in Crysis 1, they simply all use the same model file. By instead changing that so that some of them use the Orange Bomber Scout model it allows both the blue and Orange Scouts to appear simultaneously.
Same applies to the Guardians (green troopers) just replace the trooper leader with those (which is what they do in Warhead anyway)

That's not all though. I was even able to change the stats of the all the Scouts so that they're more like they are in Warhead. What I mean by that is that now when you use a Gauss on them, it takes more shots to kill them. In Warhead, it takes 4 gauss shots to kill a Scout as opposed to 2 in Crysis 1.
That was done by simply lowering their damage multipliers which dictate how much damage a particular weapon does to them.

To add to it also, I re-equipped the Scouts I replace with the Orange ones so that they only use the singularity launchers instead of the MOAC/MOAR so that they're exactly like how they are in Warhead.
It's the closest thing I could get to the actual bombs. I did try to get those working, but no luck. Although I was able to add them onto the actual Bomber model at least.

Another optional file I've included in this mod is to re-equip all the Blue Scouts with freeze beams (MOAR) instead of their MOACs.
Once again, this is an attempt to make them more like how they are in Warhead since all the Blue Scout sin that game use beams. I will admit, they don't actually use freeze beams, but once again it was weapon that I could not get working, so I substituted for the next closest thing.
Certainly on the plus side though it does make the Scouts more of a challenge to fight now due to them requiring more Gauss shots to kill, and the fact that they can freeze and shatter you.

One issue I have come across with this though is that during the part where you ride and shoot from a vehicle in Exodus, if the Scouts are equipped with MOARs THEY WILL FREEZE YOU COMPLETELY, PREVENTING FURTHER PROGRESS.
To avoid these issues, make a quick save right before the very end of the ice level (ideally just before it transitions into the next level) quit the game, temporarily remove zz_Scout_MOAR changer.pak, restart game, and continue from there.
After you've gotten past the vehicle part you can re enable the mod by doing the same thing and reinstalling the pak file, and the Scouts for the rest of the level will have MOARs. What's more, even if you reload a save file on that level from before, the Scouts during the vehicle part specifically wills till have MOACs and thus will not freeze you.

Surprisingly though, it does not cause issues with the VTOL mission. The beams will still cause damage, but they will not freeze your VTOL and cause you to crash.

STATS WILL NOT TAKE EFFECT ON OLD SAVE GAMES. Model replacements will though just so you know.