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A cheat trait mod that gives you buffs in numerous areas and immortality - for when you want to conquer the world with ease!

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Introducing the Supreme Sovereign mod! This powerful trait grants your character incredible abilities that will make them an unstoppable force in Crusader Kings 3.

Key features of this mod include:

- Immortality and a significant health boost of 50,000, ensuring your character's longevity.

- Enhanced fertility and extended years of fertility to grow your dynasty.

- Substantial improvements to all attributes, including learning, diplomacy, martial, stewardship, intrigue, and prowess.

- Increased scheme power and success chance for various schemes like murder, abduction, befriend, and seduction.

- Improved military capabilities, such as siege, movement speed, combat rolls, and troop effectiveness.

- Faster development growth, reduced build costs, and increased vassal and domain limits.

- Reduced stress gain and increased lifestyle experience gain for faster lifestyle progression.

Experience the ultimate power and reshape the world as you see fit with the Supreme Sovereign Trait. Rule wisely and forge your dynasty's legacy for eternity!

There is a 5% chance of children inheriting.

Note: This is not an event trait and can only be added from the character creation menu.

I am aware of the purple box instead of the icon. I'm currently trying to fix this... (I'm new to modding).