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Help reduce blank flags until the main AGOT mod adds them

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All flags in version 1.6 have been added to the main AGOT mod as of 0.9.3, making this mod not necessary for anyone running the new version.  At least until I make some new flags.

AGOT 9.2
Any mod that doesn't alter "a game of thrones/gfx/flags" folder

Included Flags
-All Basilisk Isle flags
-All Sothoryos Flags
-All Lhazar flags
-All High Lordship of Last Lament Flags
-Baked Shore
-Ifeqevron flagset -k_ifeqevron


Just some flags I've been making mainly for personal use, some are pretty decent quality, some a bit less so.

Just don't look too hard and you'll be fine.


Trying this in .mod form, should work like a normal mod, if it doesn't let me know. Copy zip contents to "documents/paradox interactive/crusader kings II/mod" folder, check "AGOT More Flags" in the launcher menu.


All them damnable little question marks must die. (all flags not currently added by this mod or the main AGOT mod)


Add the zip contents ( mod folder and .mod file) to the folder:

"yourdrive:\Users\yourname\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod"

Activate in launcher

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